John Wall Open to Any Role to Continue NBA Career

Even though John Wall was not signed during the 2023-24 NBA season, he’s not ready to leave basketball just yet.

John Wall’s Determination:

The five-time All-Star shared on Paul George’s Podcast P that he still has a strong desire to play. “I know how much the game means to me. How much I wanna get back to the game,” he told Paul.

Wall acknowledged his journey back has been tough, especially focusing on staying healthy. He said, “I’ve been an All-Star, I’ve been a franchise player before. It’s been a tough journey trying to get back there.”

Mentorship and Veteran Presence:

Now older, John believes he can positively influence younger players in any team’s locker room. “Teams need vets in the locker room,” he said. “That’s what they’re missing.”

He is open to any role just to be part of the NBA again. “If it’s playing, not playing, being in the Udonis Haslem role… I just wanna be in an NBA jersey again because I know how much the game means to me,” Wall admitted.

Fans think it’s inspiring how dedicated John is despite everything he’s faced.

John last played for the Clippers in 2022-23 but was traded and waived by Houston without playing for them at all.

Struggles and Mental Health:

For over a decade, John was one of the top point guards until knee injuries took their toll; since 2016-17, he hasn’t played more than 41 games in a season.

On The OG’s podcast with Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem, Wall opened up about his emotional struggles after his mother passed away in 2019. He revealed that during this dark time, he tried ending his life twice: “I put a gun to my head twice.”

“Mental health is serious; I had to get a therapist after that,” Wall shared emotionally. He credits his two sons for saving him: “If it wasn’t for my two boys…a lot of people close didn’t know.”

A year later, when recovering from Achilles surgery and losing his grandmother too made things even harder for him. Reflecting on those times: “Man if I take myself away from this Earth I’m failing my kids,” John expressed deeply

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