Joel Embiid Sets NBA Record with Highest PPG Average After 70-Point Game Against Wembanyama

‣ Joel Embiid scored a franchise-record 70 points for Philadelphia, beating Wilt Chamberlain’s 76ers record of 68 points from 1967. This is also the highest amount of points per game in the NBA this season.
‣ Embiid’s performance was partly motivated by playing against the No.1 pick of the 2023 NBA Draft, Victor Wembanyama, who also had a strong game.
‣ The Sixers center has now hit at least 30 points in 21 consecutive matches, becoming only the ninth athlete to ever score 70+ points in a single contest.


Well, Philly’s got a new king, folks. Joel Embiid, the man of the hour, scored a whopping 70 points this Monday night, leading the 76ers to a 133-123 victory over San Antonio.

Now, this isn’t just any old score. It’s the highest points per game in the NBA this season. Plus, Embiid broke Wilt Chamberlain’s 76ers record of 68 points, a record that’s been standing since 1967.

Embiid, the Sixers center, also set a personal best with 18 rebounds. His stats for the night were 24 of 41 from field goal attempts, 1 of 2 from beyond the arc, and 21 of 23 from free throws. And get this: his feat came 18 years to the day since Kobe Bryant dropped 81 points for the Lakers, the second-highest amount in league history.

Embiid’s got a soft spot for Kobe. He said, “From the time I started playing, Kobe was my guy. He’s the reason why I started playing basketball. It’s funny, on the same night, he got 81 and that was my favourite player.”

The six-time All-Star has now hit at least 30 points in 21 matches in a row. He’s only the ninth athlete to ever score 70+ points in a single contest. Victor Wembanyama, his rival, also had a big game, dropping 33 points and earning 7 rebounds in 29 minutes of play.

Embiid admitted that playing against the No.1 pick of the 2023 NBA Draft added some motivation to his historic display. “I wouldn’t sit here and lie to you, but that’s my mindset every single game,” he said. “My mindset is to attack, dominate offensively and defensively, so tonight was no different.”

Tyrese Maxey, his teammate, wasn’t surprised by Embiid’s feat. He said, “Honestly, it feels like that every game. His shots, they all look like they’re extremely easy to him. Every (mid-range shot) he takes, every time he jabs and gets into his face-up game, you think it’s going in, honestly. And you know when he goes to the free-throw line, he’s going to make those, too. He has it going a lot. I don’t know. He’s just special. Extremely special.”

Embiid tied his career high of 59 points during the first three quarters. He finally re-entered the game with 6:38 left as Philadelphia was ahead by 14 points.

Now, let’s talk about the rival coach Gregg Popovich. He said postgame he told Wembanyama to “hammer” Embiid’s butt during the match. Before the contest started, you can’t help but wonder what was the strategy to stop Embiid’s dominance. Popovich revealed that he’d given Wembanyama specific instructions on how to deal with the reigning MVP.

“Hammer his (butt). I told Wemby to back him down over the rim and just throw him through the rim,” the legendary trainer joked during the postgame interview. Wemby, meanwhile, lamented the loss: “It would have been more fun in a win, of course, but it’s inspiring, especially offensively.”

On the other hand, coach Nick Nurse praised Joel for demonstrating all the ways he’s able to get points, and how he uses his size to overcome rival defenses. “Obviously he can score in so many ways, just his sheer size gets him a lot of stuff around the basket, gets him a lot of free throws,” said the Sixers trainer. “The shooting touch is the skill part. The way he moves, the skill he has, the size he is, and he gets motivated like that, anything can happen I guess.”

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