Joe Smith’s Wife Posts OnlyFans Reaction Video: “I’m a Very Private Person”

– Joe Smith confronted his wife, Kisha Chavis, over her sharing content on OnlyFans, leading to a public scandal.
– Kisha Chavis claims that Joe learned about her OnlyFans account through another woman he was allegedly entertaining.
– Joe Smith has been spending time with his family as he reflects on the situation.


Former NBA star Joe Smith recently addressed a public argument with his wife Kisha Chavis regarding her OnlyFans account. The argument went viral after Chavis posted a video on social media, capturing the former athlete’s reaction to her content. In response to Chavis’ claims that he learned of her OnlyFans account through another woman, Smith stated, “What’s really upsetting me is how she tried to use certain things to justify her actions.”

Chavis, who is a former adult actress, defended her participation in the website, reminding Smith of who she was when they met. She expressed her belief that the relationship would not end in divorce, regardless of their current communication status. Smith, who admitted to being a private person, expressed his discomfort with the video being shared online. He explained, “I don’t like my business out in the streets like that, especially something between myself and my wife.”

Throughout the ordeal, Smith has been spending time with his family, trying to navigate the situation. He described the aftermath of the argument as “crazy” and said that he has been receiving an influx of messages and phone calls. Despite the public attention, Smith is still struggling to come to terms with the exposure of his private affairs.

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