Jeanie Buss Denies Dating Dennis Rodman

– Jeanie Buss denies dating Dennis Rodman and explains their unusual relationship
– Dennis Rodman recalls dating Jeanie Buss for six months and how it affected his relationship with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal
– Jeanie Buss shares a shocking claim of being harassed by an NBA owner in 1995


Part of owning a basketball team is dealing with any rumors that arise. Dennis Rodman has claimed to have dated Lakers owner, Jeanie Buss. However, according to Buss, that is not the case. Buss recently appeared on In Depth with Graham Bensinger to deny the allegations.
“I did not date Dennis Rodman,” she assured, after Bensinger pointed out that the former Bulls champion “came out and said that.” Buss goes on to explain that when her father brought on Rodman to the team in 1999, they kept an eye on him to make sure they knew where he was due to his reputation for staying up late and partying.
In a recent interview, Buss also shared a story from nearly 30 years ago, where an NBA owner allegedly harassed her. She stated, “somebody grabbed my a**.” This incident occurred when she sat in on an NBA board of governors meeting.
The Lakers owner had a smaller role with the team for several years before her father allowed her to take on more responsibility in 1995. This story and rumors of a relationship with Dennis Rodman are part of the interesting anecdotes shared by Buss in the recent interview.

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