Jayson Tatum Willing to Sacrifice Individual Scoring for Boston’s Success

– Jayson Tatum is willing to sacrifice his individual scoring for the Celtics’ success
– Tatum’s teammates, such as Kristaps Porzingis, Derrick White, Jaylen Brown, and Jrue Holiday, are also averaging double-digits in points
– Toronto star Dennis Schroder claimed the Celtics were disrespectful at the end of their 23-point loss


Jayson Tatum has been posting impressive stats so far this season, but he could potentially be putting up even higher numbers if he wasn’t so committed to sharing the offensive responsibilities with his teammates. Celtics Insider reported that Tatum is willing to sacrifice his own scoring for the benefit of the team. Tatum himself said, “Each night it’ll look a little bit different and that’s alright.” He recognizes that his team has a strong lineup and he is willing to adjust his game accordingly.

Tatum isn’t too concerned with individual records but is instead focused on making a positive impact on the game to contribute to winning. The chemistry between him and his teammates, including Kristaps Porzingis, Derrick White, Jaylen Brown, and Jrue Holiday, is apparent in their collective approach to the game. Tatum is willing to share the offensive burden with his teammates, recognizing that it’s all about finding the balance and making an impact on the game even if it’s not his night offensively.

The Celtics are looking strong this season, with Tatum and his teammates showcasing their potential. This has been evident in their recent victories against the Raptors and Nets. However, not everyone is happy with the Celtics’ performance, as Toronto star Dennis Schroder expressed his displeasure with their game management. The Boston trainer defended his strategy, stating that his responsibility is to his players first and foremost. With tensions rising between the two teams, the upcoming game on Friday is certainly one to watch.

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