James Harden’s Determination to Make Clippers Fit Him

‣ James Harden wants to prove himself on the basketball court and make things work in Los Angeles.

‣ Harden believes that head coach Tyronn Lue should build the strategy around him instead of making him adapt to the other stars.

‣ Harden’s relationship with the Sixers got fractured over the offseason due to the front office’s other plans for him.



James Harden’s arrival in Los Angeles has sparked curiosity and speculation about how he will fit into the star-studded lineup of the Clippers. However, Harden is confident in his abilities and believes he can make any team stronger. He emphasizes that his focus is on winning a championship, rather than individual statistics.

In his first official comments since joining the Clippers, Harden addressed the narrative of him polarizing his previous teams. At 34 years old, he wants to prove that he can still contend for an NBA title. He expressed his desire for the team’s strategy to be built around him, as he sees himself as a system, rather than just a system player. He values moving forward, making adjustments on the fly, and having open dialogue with the coach.

Harden’s reunion with Russell Westbrook is another reason why he wanted to play for the Clippers. Their relationship goes beyond basketball, as they have known each other since their days at the Boys and Girls Club in LA. They both feel they have something to prove and are excited to work towards their common goal in Los Angeles.

The fractured relationship between Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers is something he attributes to the front office’s plans for him. Despite his preference to stay in Philadelphia, he believes they didn’t want him and didn’t see the same potential in him. Harden is not interested in engaging in back-and-forth explanations or narratives surrounding his departure; he is simply happy to be with the Clippers.

Nick Nurse, the new coach of the Sixers, acknowledged that he always felt the chances of working with Harden were low and believes the trade was for the best. While Nurse saw Harden’s professionalism and impressive physical shape during practice, they never had the opportunity to see him in game situations.

Overall, James Harden is determined to prove himself on the court and contribute to the Clippers’ pursuit of an NBA championship. His confidence, desire for open dialogue, and excitement over reuniting with Russell Westbrook make him an intriguing addition to the team.

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