James Harden takes responsibility for Clippers’ third straight loss: Tonight was on me

– The Clippers have been struggling since James Harden joined the team’s starting lineup, experiencing three straight losses
– Harden and his teammates are remaining optimistic, believing they will start winning once they adapt to each other
– NBA experts are skeptical about the Clippers’ chances of making it to the playoffs if they continue on their current track



The Los Angeles Clippers have been facing some challenges since James Harden joined the starting lineup. Despite high hopes for the star guard, the team has suffered three consecutive losses, including a recent defeat against the Nets. Harden’s performance has been less than stellar, with only 12 points and 5 assists in the last game, along with costly turnovers. After the game, Harden took responsibility for the loss, acknowledging his errors in handling the ball.

Even though the Clippers have yet to secure a win with Harden, teammate Paul George remains optimistic about the team’s future. He believes that the team will find its rhythm and start winning once they adapt to playing together. Similarly, Harden expressed patience and a focus on winning games, rather than individual stats. However, NBA experts are skeptical about the Clippers’ playoff prospects if they continue on this trajectory.

There is concern that the star-studded Clippers roster, which includes four superstars, is struggling to find cohesion with Harden’s addition. Former NBA point guard Austin Rivers doubts the Clippers’ ability to make a deep playoff run, citing the challenge of integrating four players used to being the focal point of their previous teams. Fox Sports’ Nick Wright also voiced doubts about the Clippers’ playoff chances, suggesting that other teams in the Western Conference are stronger contenders. Despite the team’s rocky start, the Clippers remain determined to overcome their challenges and succeed with Harden in the lineup.

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