James Harden Absent from Sixers’ Media Day, Possible Fine

‣ James Harden is skipping 76ers’ Media Day and may not report to training camp due to his desire to be traded.
‣ The Philadelphia administration has not made any progress in trading James Harden and their asking price for him has deterred teams from negotiating.
‣ Harden could face fines for missing media day and may hold out for a month in order to become a free agent next summer.


It’s becoming increasingly clear that James Harden is determined to get what he wants. The star player requested a trade out of Philadelphia this summer, but feels that his administration hasn’t taken him seriously, leading him to take a rebellious stance. Harden skipped the 76ers’ Media Day on Monday and it appears he may not report to training camp this week. NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski has stated that there hasn’t been any progress in trading ‘The Beard’.

Harden’s actions could lead to fines from his current club, as the team is set to leave for training camp in Colorado. Wojnarowski reports that the Sixers and Clippers have had discussions about a trade, but no traction has been made so far. If Harden continues to hold out, experts believe that the Philadelphia club won’t be able to stop him from becoming a free agent next summer due to certain NBA rules that favor him in his final contract year.

Harden’s relationship with the team’s president, Daryl Morey, has deteriorated. The NBA star called Morey “a liar” last month, resulting in a $100,000 fine from the league. This incident occurred after Harden agreed to opt into his player option for 2023/24 and was not traded out of Philly. Reports indicate that the 76ers have stopped negotiating deals involving Harden for over a month. The team’s asking price was high, leading other teams to lose interest in negotiating for him.

Daryl Morey, the team’s president, has acknowledged that he is working on a James Harden trade. He expressed that they are seeking a resolution that benefits all parties involved. Harden’s teammates, on the other hand, have chosen to remain patient and not take sides in the situation. They acknowledge that Harden has his reasons for his actions but are focused on preparing for the upcoming season, whether he is present or not.

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