James Dolan Steps Down from NBA Board Committee Roles

– James Dolan has been openly questioning the objectivity of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver
– He has resigned from multiple positions he held across various NBA board committees
– He has grown frustrated over his lack of influence in recent counsel decisions


New York Knicks owner James Dolan has made the decision to resign from multiple positions he held across various NBA board committees. This move comes after a period of frustration for Dolan, who feels that the league has not been supportive of him since he launched a lawsuit against the Toronto Raptors for stealing important information. Dolan has openly questioned the objectivity of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and feels that his opinions are not valued within the league.

Dolan has expressed his disappointment with the recent votes of the NBA counsel, in which he was against Michael Jordan’s sale of the Charlotte Hornets and the WNBA expansion to a San Francisco franchise. He has also been vocal about his disagreements with Silver on issues such as the revenue sharing system, which requires big-market franchises to give a high percentage of their earnings to smaller market teams.

The New York executive has accused Raptors governor Larry Tanenbaum of having a close relationship with Commissioner Adam Silver, claiming that Tanenbaum is an ally of Silver. The Knicks have also opposed any arbitration from the NBA commissioner in their ongoing legal dispute with the Raptors, stating that there are no provisions in the league’s constitution that protect the theft of intellectual property. Dolan feels that the NBA has not supported him in this matter, which has led to his decision to resign from the NBA board committee.

In light of these developments, Dolan has chosen to resign from the NBA board committee, expressing his hope that the Knicks will be treated fairly and equally, and has assigned Knicks general counsel Jamaal Lesane to represent the organization in future meetings. Dolan has stated that his limited time and focus are better spent on his duties at MSG, and he has chosen to step away from his positions within the NBA.”

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