Houston Star Alperen Sengun Attributes Improvement to Coach Ime Udoka’s Toughness

‣ Alperen Sengun, in his third NBA season, is making significant strides in his career, with improvements in his performance attributed to his hard work over the summer and the coaching of Ime Udoka.
‣ The change in coaching staff, with Ime Udoka taking over from Stephen Silas, has been beneficial for Sengun, who appreciates Udoka’s tough coaching style and focus on teaching.
‣ Teammate Fred VanVleet has noted Sengun’s growth and potential, stating that the young player is becoming increasingly difficult to guard in one-on-one situations.


Alperen Sengun is making waves in his third NBA season. His career highs are now the best offensive option for Houston.

He’s not just making a name for himself, but he’s also earning All-Star consideration. In fact, he’s even outpacing players like Domantas Sabonis in fan votes. He’s showing signs that he could be a future dominant force in the league.

Sengun credits his improvement to sacrifice. “I worked really hard this summer, more than any summer,” the 21-year-old Turk said. He focused on getting more physical, improving his shooting, and overall, it was a tough summer for him.

A significant change for Sengun was the Rockets’ new coaching staff. The team parted ways with Stephen Silas after the 2022/23 campaign. His three-year stint yielded a 59-177 record. Now, with Ime Udoka at the helm, Sengun feels more at home than ever.

“He’s helped me a lot because he’s a tough coach, and I came from Europe where every coach is like that,” Sengun shared. He appreciates Udoka’s tough love approach, similar to his coaching experiences in Europe.

Udoka, the former Celtics coach, has praised Sengun often. However, he’s also quick to point out areas for improvement. For instance, during an overtime loss against the Bulls, Sengun was Houston’s strongest asset, but his shooting wasn’t efficient.

Teammate Fred VanVleet has noticed Sengun’s growth. He believes that guarding Sengun ‘one on one’ is becoming increasingly difficult. When Udoka came on board, one of his goals was to help Sengun break some “lazy habits” and reach his potential.

VanVleet, a former Raptors star, saw the skill and talent in Sengun. He studied his habits, his approach, and looked for ways to help him improve.

While some might call him “Baby Jokic”, Sengun is not quite at the same level as the Nuggets superstar. However, according to VanVleet, the third-year player is slowly becoming “unguardable,” especially in one-on-one situations.

“He’s unguardable really, I mean, you can’t guard him one on one,” VanVleet said. The next step? Making the defense pay for sending help. As the team improves, so will Sengun’s performance.

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