Hornets Trade P.J. Washington to Mavericks for Grant Williams, Seth Curry, & First-Round Draft Pick

  • ‣ The Charlotte Hornets are trading forward P.J. Washington to the Dallas Mavericks for forward Grant Williams, guard Seth Curry, and a first-round draft pick, with Dallas sending a lightly-protected 2027 first-rounder to Charlotte.
  • ‣ P.J. Washington, who is owed $46.5 million over three years, matched his career high with 43 points in a game against the Utah Jazz, highlighting his value and performance.
  • ‣ The NBA trade deadline has officially passed, marking the end of the period during which teams can make trades during the season.


So, the Charlotte Hornets are shaking things up big time. They’re sending P.J. Washington off to the Dallas Mavericks. In return? They’re getting Grant Williams, guard Seth Curry, and a first-round draft pick. Oh, and that draft pick for 2027? It’s lightly-protected.

Now, Dallas wasn’t exactly swimming in draft assets. They had a trio to work with: a 2027 first-rounder, a 2025 second-round pick from Toronto, and a 2028 second-rounder from Miami. That’s according to the ESPN guru, Bobby Marks.

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky for Dallas. They can trade their 2025 first-rounder, sure. But there’s a catch. They can only do that if their 2024 first-rounder, which is top-10 protected, goes to the New York Knicks. And guess what? Starting the night of the draft, they’ll also have their 2031 first-rounder to play around with.

Bobby Marks laid it all out on Twitter. He pointed out Dallas’s limited draft assets and the conditions under which they could trade their 2025 first.

Switching gears to Washington’s financials – he’s got a hefty tag. This season alone, he’s owed $16.8 million. Over the next couple of years, those numbers slightly dip, totaling up to a three-year commitment of $46.5 million. And oh, there’s also $1.5 million dangling in incentives.

Remember his previous deal? A four-year stint valued at $17.8 million. Quite the leap, huh?

Now, let’s talk about a standout moment. P.J. Washington once dropped a whopping 43 points against the Utah Jazz. That tied his career high. This season, he’s started 17 out of 43 games, boasting averages that show he’s not just about the points.

On the flip side, Grant Williams is also raking in the cash. His contract with the Boston Celtics, now transferred to Dallas, secures him millions over the next few years.

Williams has been pretty consistent this season, matching his career highs and even setting new ones. Not bad for a 25-year-old.

And then there’s Seth Curry. His deal with Dallas nets him $4 million this season and the next. But here’s the kicker – his salary for 2024-25 isn’t guaranteed.

Curry’s been in the game for a decade now. Despite limited starts this season, he’s maintained a decent shooting percentage from the field and beyond the arc.

Oh, and in case you missed it, the NBA trade deadline has come and gone. All deals had to be locked in by 3 p.m. ET on Thursday. No more trades for the season, folks.

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