Heat Rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr. Experiences NBA Debut vs. Bulls

– Jaime Jaquez Jr. has quickly made a space for himself in the Miami Heat‘s bench with significant opportunities, despite only being in the NBA for a short time.
– Jaquez faced a special rookie moment when tasked with defending DeMar DeRozan, a six-time All-Star and one of the best scorers in the league, during a game against the Chicago Bulls.
– Jaquez feels he played well despite not being able to defend DeRozan’s game-winning shot and is focused on improving from this experience.


Jaime Jaquez Jr. has quickly made a name for himself in the NBA after just a month of playing, thanks to his extensive experience playing for UCLA. During Saturday night’s game against the Chicago Bulls, Jaquez faced off with seasoned player DeMar DeRozan and the Bulls. Despite the Heat’s 102-97 loss, Jaquez’s strong defense did not go unnoticed. “Jaime was introduced to a guy that really he’s a professional,” remarked Heat coach Erik Spoelstra.

Tasked with the difficult feat of guarding DeRozan, Jaquez held his own, even though DeRozan still managed to score 12 points during the 12 possessions with Jaquez guarding him. Although DeRozan ultimately scored the game-winning shot, Jaquez felt he played well and sees the experience as a valuable learning opportunity. “I thought I contested it well,” Jaquez commented after the game. “Like Spo said, this guy is a professional scorer.”

Despite the loss, Jaquez remains focused on improving from this experience and is determined to make the most of his time playing in the NBA. As the Heat remains in Chicago to prepare for another matchup against the Bulls on Monday, Jaquez is already looking forward to honing his skills. “But it’s all a learning experience,” he added. “Just trying to do what I can, make him take a tough shot.”

Jaquez’s resilience and determination to improve are evident in his attitude towards the game and his commitment to learning from the challenges he faces on the court. His positive mindset and dedication to growth are sure to serve him well as he continues to navigate his journey in the NBA.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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