Gregg Popovich: San Antonio Spurs Coach Contract, Salary, Net Worth, Record, Wife

‣ Gregg Popovich, considered one of the greatest coaches in NBA history, has led the San Antonio Spurs to 19 50-win seasons, seven Western Conference titles, and six NBA Championships since 1996.
‣ Popovich has recently agreed to a new five-year, 80 million dollar deal with the Spurs, making him the highest-paid coach in the NBA.
‣ With a net worth estimated to be around 50 million dollars, Popovich has the most regular season wins in NBA history and ranks third all-time in playoff wins.


Gregg Popovich, by many accounts, is the greatest coach in NBA history. If you ask some folks, they might say it’s him or Phil Jackson. He’s the maestro behind the greatest modern dynasty in NBA history, the San Antonio Spurs.

He took the reins of the Spurs back in 1996. Since then, the team has seen 19 50-win seasons, seven Western Conference titles, and six NBA Championships. Popovich himself has bagged three Coach of the Year awards.

But how much does the best coach in NBA history make? That’s a good question. In this piece, we’ll discuss Popovich’s contract, his net worth, his coaching record, and more.

Let’s talk about Gregg Popovich’s contract and salary. This offseason, Popovich agreed to a new five-year, 80 million dollar deal. That’s a lot of dough, and it’ll keep him in San Antonio until 2027-28. If you’re good at math, that’s an annual value of 16 million dollars.

Popovich’s new contract makes him the highest-paid coach in the NBA. He’s surpassed the record-breaking deal that Monty Williams signed this offseason. And as we’ve already shown, Popovich has proven more than worthy of being the highest-paid coach in the NBA. Although, Steve Kerr and Erik Spoelstra might surpass him in this category after they negotiate their new deals.

Now, let’s take a look at Gregg Popovich’s net worth. According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, Popovich’s net worth is estimated to be around 50 million dollars. Most of this wealth probably comes from his career as one of the greatest NBA coaches ever.

Popovich’s NBA career started in 1988 with the Spurs. He was fired by the organization in 1992 but returned as an assistant coach in 1994. He took over as the head coach in 1996 – a position he has maintained to this very day. In the two years he wasn’t with the Spurs (from 1992 to 1994), Popovich served as an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors under Don Nelson.

Let’s dive into Gregg Popovich’s head coaching record. Popovich is the winningest regular season coach in NBA history. In 2144 regular season games, Popovich holds a record of 1369-775 (win percentage of 63.9%). Along with being first in regular season wins, Popovich is 15th in win percentage.

In the playoffs, Popovich holds a record of 170-114 (59.9%). He is third all-time in playoff wins (only one win behind second-place Pat Riley) and 13th all-time in win percentage.

Lastly, a bit about Gregg Popovich’s personal life. Popovich was married to Erin Popovich for four decades until she passed away on April 18, 2018. The couple had two daughters together: Mickey and Jill.

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