Golden State Valkyries: WNBA Expansion Team Reveals Name & Logo

The new WNBA team, the Golden State Valkyries, revealed their name and logo during a live press conference on Tuesday.

The name comes from Norse mythology, describing fearless warrior women who soar through air and sea. The team said in their press release that this modern take on Valkyries represents strength, boldness, and fierceness.

Their main color is “Valkyrie Violet,” symbolizing power, ambition, nobility, and women’s empowerment. Purple has been used for similar meanings throughout history.

Welcome to the @WNBA!

— NBA (@NBA)

“It feels like we’ve arrived,” said Jess Smith, Valkyries president. She explained how saying “WNBA Golden State” was just temporary until they could establish their brand identity. Now they can start building brand equity and uniting the community around it.

Smith mentioned that while their branding pays homage to the Warriors’ legacy as seven-time NBA champions, they’re also creating something unique for themselves.

Golden State Valkyries begin play in 2025 as the WNBA’s 13th franchise

Starting in the 2025 season, the Valkyries will host home games at San Francisco’s Chase Center. Their practice facility will be in Oakland at the former practice space of their NBA affiliate.

Smith previously worked with Angel City FC in Los Angeles to make it one of the most commercially successful women’s sports brands after its founding in July 2020 and debut in 2022.

“The beautiful thing about Valkyries is that it’s plural and together,” Smith added. She emphasized teamwork not just among players but also with partners, fans, broadcasters, and others to achieve real impact.

I think it’s cool how they are focusing on unity!

The Valkyries have arrived!

Merch is available NOW in-store at Warriors Shop at Thrive City

— Golden State Valkyries (@wnbagoldenstate)

They hope people find their inner Valkyrie and become part of what makes this team strong. The logo features a V-shaped Bay Bridge representing unity among flying Valkyries and victory.

Valkyries have surpassed 7,500 season-ticket deposits

The bridge tower doubles as a sword while cables form wings. Five triangles made by these cables symbolize five players on a court; thirteen lines mark them as WNBA’s thirteenth team.

“We wanted everyone to feel included under Golden State’s name,” Smith stated. They aim to represent all women’s sports strongly while creating an inclusive brand that people want to join because of its meaning through Golden State’s strength combined with that of the Valkyries 💪

Already surpassing over 7k season-ticket sales shows great support! Recently introduced GM Ohemaa Nyanin will help lead them forward too! A block party celebrating this launch happens Saturday at Thrive City!

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