Golden State Reveals New Logo & Statement Uniform

The Warriors have just introduced a fresh look for the 2024-25 NBA season, revealing both a new uniform and a secondary logo.

New Uniform Design:

The Warriors teamed up with Silverstein Goodby & Partners Design to create their latest Statement Edition uniform. The design features a “W” that looks like a basketball net right after the ball goes through it. This new logo will be on the Statement Edition jerseys and also appear on the belt buckle of other uniforms.

The new outfit uses black and grey colors but still includes hints of Golden State’s classic blue and gold. The Bay Bridge is also part of the design, with cables connecting the jersey to the shorts, mimicking the bridge’s inner wires.

Marketing Strategy:

Amanda Chin, Warriors’ Senior Vice President of Marketing, explained why they made these changes. “We can redesign our Statement Edition uniform every three years, so we wanted to make this one special.”

She added that launching the new logo alongside this uniform helps highlight an important part of their identity in an exciting way.

Fans think this is a great move by the team!

Merchandise Release:

Along with these uniforms, there are also limited edition t-shirts and pullovers designed by Benny Gold. You can buy them online at or at the Warriors Shop in-store.

“The Warriors have one of the best shooting backcourts ever,” said Benny Gold. “Our new logo combines a ‘W’ for Warriors with a net symbolizing 3-point shooting.”

Roster Decisions:

The team is still figuring out what to do about Klay Thompson and Chris Paul. Mike Dunleavy mentioned they want Klay to stay but are facing tough decisions as they aim for another championship run.

Klay has been crucial for Golden State over the past decade, making his situation more emotional for everyone involved.

Chris Paul’s future is also uncertain due to his $30 million non-guaranteed salary next season. The team has until Friday to decide whether to keep him or let him go.

“We’re exploring all options,” Dunleavy said about Paul’s situation. “There’s even a chance he might get waived… everything is possible.”

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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