Golden State Moves on from Draymond Green as He Reflects, Receives Space

‣ Draymond Green, who has been serving an indefinite suspension since December 12, 2023, is not expected to return to the NBA soon, according to Warriors coach Steve Kerr.
‣ Green’s suspension, which followed his second ejection of the 2023/24 NBA season, is expected to last for 11-13 games, making him eligible to return around January 5 or January 10, 2024.
‣ Despite Golden State’s recent losses, the team returned to victory with a 36-point performance by Stephen Curry against the Orlando Magic.


Draymond Green, the last time he played, was on December 12. He’s been on an indefinite suspension since he hit Jusuf Nurkic in the face, earning him his second ejection of the 2023/24 NBA season.

Before 2023 ended, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski speculated about the suspension. He suggested the league might lift it after an 11-13 game ban. That would make Draymond eligible to return around January 5 vs. Pistons and January 10 vs. Pelicans.

Steve Kerr, the Warriors coach, recently gave an interview. He revealed that Draymond hasn’t even returned to the team’s facility to work out. This info suggests that Draymond isn’t expected back anytime soon.

A tweet from Anthony Slater reported on the situation. “Tonight will be the 10th game of Draymond Green’s indefinite suspension. Steve Kerr said Green still hasn’t been in the facility. They’ve had some text communication. But no next step update as of now. “We’ve been giving him his space, he’s been giving us ours.”

Kerr was asked about his contact with the veteran forward. He shared, “A little bit. We text. But we’ve been giving him his space, and he’s been giving us ours.” When asked about how long it’ll take Draymond to get back into playing shape, Kerr said: “Not sure.”

After a loss to Dallas, Kerr liked what he saw on the court. He wants the team to repeat the same starting lineup. Against the Mavericks, Trayce-Jackson Davis and Chris Paul replaced Kevon Looney and Brandin Podziemski in the first five.

Kerr explained, “We’re looking for a boost defensively. The last couple weeks with that starting group, the defensive numbers really weren’t great… We were looking for better defense from the start, and wanted to get Steph more involved as well. We felt like getting Chris on the floor would maybe unlock Steph a little bit.”

There’s no update on the severity of Gary Payton II’s injury. He’s been out for a month with a calf issue. Kerr shared, “I feel bad for him more than anything. Feel bad for us too, but mainly for him. He’s been out four or five weeks. He worked hard to get back to this point. He makes such a big impact for us. Fingers crossed that he’s not out too long.”

The Warriors finally returned to victory on Tuesday. They beat Orlando 121-115 after losing three games in a row last week. Stephen Curry led the team with a 36-point performance.

Kerr praised Curry, “Steph was amazing. But Steph is always amazing. Even when he doesn’t score 36 points, just the attention he draws defensively, what he does to an opposing defense, the way he opens up the floor, he’s a remarkable player. He really got himself going on a night when we needed it.”

The entire team stepped up for the win. Curry was clutch and scored or set up 13 straight Warriors points in a four-minute stretch late in the fourth quarter.

Veteran Chris Paul commented, “It was huge. We’ve been struggling to get wins. It’s hard to win in this league. That team is a young team, well coached. They’ve been playing hard all season long, so this was a good win for us.”

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