GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. on Golden State’s Concerns with NBA’s New Rules

‣ The Golden State Warriors have been the most successful NBA franchise in the past decade, winning four titles and revolutionizing the style of play in basketball.
‣ The NBA has implemented new regulations, including a second tax, to prevent teams from excessive spending on their rosters, which have affected the Warriors due to their expensive roster.
‣ The Warriors GM, Mike Dunleavy Jr., believes that these new regulations and resting rules involving superstars are targeting the Bay Area franchise.


The Golden State Warriors have undeniably been the most successful NBA franchise in the past decade, winning four titles since 2015 and revolutionizing basketball in the United States. However, their success has come at a cost, as they’ve had to pay large amounts of luxury tax bills to maintain their competitive roster. Recently, the league has implemented new rules to prevent excessive spending on rosters, which some believe specifically target the Warriors.

Golden State’s new GM, Mike Dunleavy Jr., sees these rule changes as a compliment. He believes that the league is making rules to prevent the Warriors from succeeding further, acknowledging their dominance in the NBA. Dunleavy also suggests that the new resting rules involving superstars may also be specifically aimed at teams like the Warriors.

Despite speculation that veteran Dwight Howard may join the Warriors, Dunleavy explains that they decided not to offer him a contract due to the presence of five other players who can give them minutes at the center position. The team is focused on the current roster and is eager to evaluate the offseason trades during training camp to ensure they made the right decisions.

Moving forward, the Warriors will continue to navigate the financial implications of their success and adapt to any rule changes that come their way. While they face challenges due to their expensive roster, they remain determined to maintain their competitiveness and pursue more championships. The upcoming season will provide an opportunity for the coaching staff to assess the roster’s effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments.

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