Ex-Warriors GM Bob Myers Regrets Missing Tyrese Haliburton in 2020 NBA Draft

‣ Bob Myers, former general manager of the Golden State Warriors, regrets not signing Tyrese Haliburton in the 2020 NBA Draft.
‣ Myers praises Haliburton’s skills and leadership, and believes that the Indiana Pacers franchise will continue to grow around him.
‣ The Warriors’ decision to trade James Wiseman to the Detroit Pistons last season further highlighted Myers’ regret over passing on Haliburton.


Bob Myers, the four-time NBA champion with Golden State, is a hard man to imagine with regrets. He was arguably the most successful executive in the NBA over the past decade. Yet, he’s moved on to something new this season.

Despite his success, Myers carries a haunting decision. During the 2020 NBA Draft, the Warriors picked James Wiseman, a big man, as their No. 2 pick. In doing so, they passed on the chance to sign other young stars like LaMelo Ball, Desmond Bane, Tyrese Maxey, and notably, Tyrese Haliburton.

Myers recently featured as an analyst on ESPN’s “NBA Countdown”. He discussed the decision to pass on Haliburton, who’s currently a star for the Pacers. This conversation happened while waiting for the Indiana vs. Milwaukee match to begin at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas.

During the discussion, Myers recalled Haliburton’s workout. “Let’s talk about that. That workout was a few miles from here in Vegas,” he began. “[With] myself, Steve Kerr, Joe Lacob and he did what he does. He made a ton of shots and we looked at each other and said ‘he might be pretty good.’ Different kind of shot, kind of a set shot, but he made them all.”

Myers confessed that he should’ve known better. He was particularly impressed by Haliburton’s character and leadership skills. “What bothers me more than anything was his workout was good (but) when we met with him after, I should have known then because of how he is as a person and as a leader,” he said.

Haliburton was eventually picked by the Sacramento Kings with the No. 12 pick. He had an impressive 2020/21 NBA debut season. However, he was later traded to the Pacers in a significant deal for star center Domantas Sabonis.

Now in his fourth professional season, the 23-year-old point guard averages 26.9 points and 11.9 assists per game. He shoots 52.1% from the field and 41.2% from beyond the arc.

Myers isn’t surprised by Haliburton’s successful season. He believes that the Indiana franchise will continue to grow around him. The former Golden State GM is convinced that the Pacers will recruit new stars, thanks to Haliburton’s influence.

Myers praised Haliburton’s impact on the Pacers’ In-Season Tournament championship run and their 11-8 start to the campaign. “And so when you talk about players wanting to play with him, it’s real,” Bob explained. “Because he’s a great player. He’s showing us now he’s a great player and this is a fantastic stage for him.”

Myers ended his comments by expressing his excitement for the Pacers and their community. “I’m thrilled for the Pacers, I’m thrilled for that community. That’s a basketball town and they’re lucky to have this guy and we’re lucky to be able to watch him because he deserves it. He’s earned this stage,” he said.

The Warriors eventually traded Wiseman to the Detroit Pistons last season. This move further emphasized the mistake of passing on Haliburton.

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