Ex-star Gilbert Arenas criticizes NBA referees for emotional behavior after Chris Paul’s ejection

– Chris Paul was ejected from the game between the Warriors and Suns, with Scott Foster being the NBA official who made the decision
– Gilbert Arenas criticized NBA officials for their controversial decisions and lack of accountability
– Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant were also surprised by Paul’s ejection and called out the ref’s decision as a personal vendetta


Chris Paul was ejected from the match between the Warriors and Suns, a decision made by NBA referee Scott Foster. Known for his strained relationship with Paul, the ejection was a surprise to many. After the Golden State guard committed a foul on Kevin Durant, a heated argument ensued, leading to Paul’s removal from the game. Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas criticized NBA officials for making controversial decisions this season, pointing out the disparity in accountability between players and referees.

During a podcast, Arenas questioned NBA commissioner Adam Silver about the consequences for players acting on real emotions during games, while referees are not held accountable for their actions. He argued that referees are not affected by the outcome of the game, and yet they can influence it with their technical fouls, without facing the same level of scrutiny. Meanwhile, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant expressed their surprise and disapproval of Paul’s ejection, calling it a personal vendetta against the player.

Kevin Durant described the exchange between Paul and Foster as “definitely a weird ending,” highlighting the tense atmosphere between the two. Despite the controversy, the Suns ultimately emerged victorious in the match, marking an eventful evening for all involved.

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