ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Supports Anthony Edwards in Abortion Scandal Over Privacy Violation

‣ NBA star Anthony Edwards was accused of pressuring Instagram model Paige Jordae to have an abortion, allegedly offering her $100,000 to proceed with it.
‣ ESPN reporter Stephen A. Smith argued that the model was in the wrong for publicly sharing their private conversation and accepting the payment.
‣ Edwards has since publicly apologized for urging Jordae to get an abortion.


The NBA appears to be in hot water again over gender issues. Rising star Anthony Edwards has been accused of pressuring Instagram model Paige Jordae into having an abortion after finding out she was pregnant. Screenshots posted online by Jordae show Edwards offering her $100,000 to go through with the procedure.

You might immediately assume that Edwards is the bad guy here. But ESPN reporter Stephen A. Smith begs to differ. He believes that Jordae is the one who stepped out of line by sharing their private conversation. This happened after she accepted the money to handle the situation.

Smith expressed his concerns on his podcast show. “She puts him on blast. She took text messages and revealed them to the public. I’m starting to wonder what repercussions someone has when they get their privacy violated. That’s what I’m wondering about,” he said.

Smith, an NBA insider, has faith in the country’s legal system. “If Anthony wanted her to have an abortion, respectfully, that’s his business. We have pro-choice, and we have pro-life all over the country,” he stated.

He believes that Jordae violated their private affairs. “She is a woman, she is free to do what she wants with her own body. This is America! If she’s impregnated and she wants to have the child, that is her business. If Anthony Edwards does not want her to have that child, that is his business. There’s no laws he violated because he doesn’t want the child,” Smith insisted.

Smith concluded, “The issue here, for us, is she put him on blast. She revealed private text messages. That’s what appears to be the case, which compelled and forced him to make a statement addressing the situation.”

In the wake of the online scandal, the Timberwolves star has been publicly apologizing for the text messages he sent to the OnlyFans model, urging her to get an abortion. The All-Star was tagged in a post that included screenshots of the conversation. His initial response to the situation was “Get a abortion lol.” An image of a $100,000 wire transfer also appeared in the post, along with text saying, “I will send you money to help you out” and “you got da money whats the hol up.”

Jordae told Edwards that she regretted an abortion she had “around 2 years ago.” Edwards responded bluntly, “Yea but I don’t a kid. I will send you money to help you out. … I don’t want kids.” Jordae expressed her wish to avoid another abortion, but Edwards persisted. “Just take the pills” he wrote, and then added “you got da money wats the hol up. Cause now you finna make a problem.”

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