Draymond Green vs Rudy Gobert MMA Betting Odds

– The incident involving Draymond Green placing Rudy Gobert in a headlock during an NBA game has led to speculation about how the two players would fare in an MMA fight.
– The odds for a hypothetical MMA bout between Green and Gobert suggest a leaning towards Gobert, possibly due to his size advantage in the octagon.
– There is history between Green and Gobert, as evidenced by their Twitter exchanges, which could have led to Green’s eagerness to get Gobert in a chokehold during the game.


The recent altercation between Draymond Green and Rudy Gobert during an intense NBA game has sparked a debate about how these athletes would fare in the world of MMA. This speculation was fueled by Green placing Gobert in a chokehold during the game, a move that has drawn comparisons to MMA techniques. Green’s aggressive action led to his ejection from the game after being assessed a flagrant 2 foul, marking his 18th career ejection in the NBA.

In light of this incident, experts have compiled hypothetical odds for an MMA fight between Green and Gobert, with Gobert being favored to win due to his size advantage in the octagon. The odds suggest a 60% probability of a Gobert win and illustrate the perceived physical advantage Gobert holds over Green. This assessment aligns with the opinion of former NFL linebacker, Emmanuel Acho, who believes that Green is more bark than bite.

There is also history between Green and Gobert, adding context to the altercation. Both players have engaged in a Twitter battle in the past, with Gobert insinuating that Green is insecure and Green later echoing the same sentiment. While many NBA fans might be intrigued by the idea of an MMA fight between Green and Gobert, for now, it remains a topic of speculation and opinion from experts.

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