Draymond Green Supports Bronny James’ NBA Success

The Los Angeles Lakers picked Bronny James with the 55th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. Now, he’ll play alongside his dad, LeBron James, making them the first father-son duo in the league. But many wonder if Bronny can make it big in the NBA.

On “The Draymond Green Show,” Draymond Green said he believes Bronny will become a solid player within two years. “I am just gonna take the bet that this kid works hard, which he does. He has LeBron James DNA and I am gonna take the bet on that … and then you watch him play, he is a good basketball player,” Green said. Imma take that bet because you got him at 55, so if he even becomes a rotational player, you did great, and I think he could possibly become a rotational player in the next two years.”

“I actually think Bronny is going to end up being a better pro than a lot of these players in this draft”

@Money23Green says Bronny has a bright future in the NBA

— The Volume (@TheVolumeSports)

Challenges Ahead:

Bronny will need to work hard to get into JJ Redick’s rotation this season. However, there will be times when he’ll have chances to show what he’s got .

He fits well with what the Lakers need—a solid ball-handler off the bench. With LeBron around, it’s likely Bronny will get enough game time to grow and prove himself.

Fans might think it’s cool seeing both Jameses on one team.

But there’s no escaping media pressure for Bronny. Every move he makes and how Redick handles him will be under scrutiny. The Lakers have to help him develop while keeping some of that media heat off him.

Draymond’s words were meant to support and protect Bronny from all this attention. Being LeBron’s son means being used to such spotlight anyway.

If Bronny manages to secure his spot as an NBA rotation player and enjoys a long career, people will praise the Lakers for their smart late-round pick .

Now we wait and see how things unfold for young Bronny under those bright lights! What do you think about his chances?

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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