Draymond Green Says Joel Embiid Felt Pressure to Play 65 Games Despite Injury

‣ The NBA has introduced a new rule requiring players to participate in a minimum of 65 games to qualify for major awards, sparking complaints from athletes like Draymond Green, who argues it forces players to compete while injured.

‣ Draymond Green highlighted the case of Joel Embiid, who played with a knee injury and might be sidelined for an extended period, suggesting the rule could lead to premier players risking their health.

‣ League executive Joe Dumars acknowledged the rule might have “unintended consequences” and anticipated it becoming a controversial topic, especially as top players like Joel Embiid and Tyrese Haliburton approach the 65-game threshold.


So, the NBA’s got this new rule. Players gotta hit the court for a certain number of games to even be in the running for the big end-of-year trophies. But, guess what? Not everyone’s thrilled. Mid-season, and the grumbles are getting louder.

Draymond Green, yeah, that Warriors powerhouse, he’s one of the latest to throw shade at this whole setup. On his podcast, no less. He’s talking about how this 65-game thing is pushing players too hard. Like, to the point where they’re playing hurt.

Take Joel Embiid, for instance. Guy was up against Green, knee already a mess, and then bam! Collision. Had to bail on the game. Green’s point? This rule could sideline one of the league’s top talents, the MVP no less, for who knows how long.

And there was this tweet, right? Showing the clash between Green and Embiid. Looked brutal. Made the rounds online, sparking even more debate.

Green didn’t stop there. He took a jab at the league too. Pointed out how past award winners didn’t have to jump through these hoops. Brought up 2015, when he lost out on the Defensive Player of the Year to Kawhi Leonard. Leonard played 64 games, Green 79. Go figure.

Tyrese Haliburton of the Pacers chimed in too. Called the rule “stupid.” Said it’s what the owners want, though. So, he’s doing what he’s gotta do: playing those 65 games, keeping fit, keeping the bosses happy.

But here’s the kicker: Some of the league’s brightest stars might miss out on awards because of this rule. Joe Dumars, league exec, admitted the rule’s got its flaws. Said they saw some issues coming but didn’t expect the backlash to hit this soon.

Joel Embiid, the reigning MVP and arguably the season’s best so far, he’s on thin ice. Just a few games away from being out of the running. Dumars acknowledged it’s a problem. Said they knew some players would be teetering on the edge of eligibility.

Haliburton’s in the same boat. Close to the limit, and it’s not even a surprise to the folks upstairs. Dumars wrapped it up, saying this was bound to stir up conversation sooner or later.

So, there you have it. A rule meant to keep the game’s standards high, now under the microscope. With players, fans, and execs all weighing in, it’s clear this isn’t the last we’ll hear about it. Not by a long shot.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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