Draymond Green Compares His Life to Victims of Israel-Gaza Conflict

‣ Many celebrities, including NBA athletes, have chosen to remain non-partisan and express sympathy for the victims in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.
‣ Draymond Green spoke about the reasons why people choose not to weigh in on the conflict, including fear of getting in trouble and lack of compassion in society.
‣ Draymond Green, who suffered an ankle sprain, may not be able to play in the Warriors’ season opener against the Phoenix Suns, but he is making good progress and expects to be back on the court soon.


In light of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, NBA athletes have been careful in addressing the situation. Draymond Green, for example, chose to remain non-partisan and express sympathy for the victims instead of delving into politics. “A lot of people sit quiet because they don’t want to get into the politics of things,” Green said. He acknowledged the fear that many have in expressing their thoughts on the matter. According to the four-time NBA champion, there is a respectful way to convey your thoughts and compassion.
Green, who has experienced hardship due to his skin color, finds it easier to empathize with the victims. He stated, “I’m a black man. I know how it feels to get f*cked over. So, I sympathize with them.” While many are hesitant to speak out, Green believes that compassion is crucial in times like these.
The conflict between Israel and Palestine began over two weeks ago when Hamas launched thousands of rockets into Israel and initiated surprise attacks on nearby villages. As a result, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu declared a state of emergency and retaliated with their army. The Gaza Strip is now facing a humanitarian crisis due to the ongoing violence.
In unrelated news, the Golden State Warriors are gearing up for their season opener against the Phoenix Suns on October 24. However, there are concerns regarding the availability of star player Draymond Green. He suffered an ankle sprain during training camp and is currently listed as questionable for the match. While Green has been practicing shots and feeling good, he admitted that he doesn’t feel completely back to himself yet. Nonetheless, he remains optimistic about his progress and potential return to the court soon.

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