Draymond Green Begins Counseling, Suspension to Last Minimum Three Weeks, Sources Confirm

‣ Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors has been suspended indefinitely from the NBA due to repeated unsportsmanlike acts, including striking Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkić in the face.
‣ The NBA has not announced a minimum or maximum length for Green’s suspension, though it is expected to last at least three more weeks. The league hopes this will address the root cause of Green’s aggressive behavior.
‣ Green has reportedly started counseling to help manage his emotions and behavior. He has been receptive to the suspension and has not been defiant, according to NBA executive Joe Dumars.


The Golden State camp is in a state of flux. Draymond Green’s indefinite suspension has thrown a spanner in the works. One thing’s for sure – he won’t be back on the court anytime soon. NBA’s head of basketball operations, Joe Dumars, made it clear in a recent interview. There’s no set number of games attached to Green’s punishment.

“No and no,” Dumars said, when asked about the length of Green’s ban. He did clarify that the ban isn’t truly indefinite. But there’s no minimum length set for it.

Green, the Warriors’ star, was suspended for striking Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkić in the face. It happened last week. But this isn’t the first time Green’s aggressive play has landed him in hot water. He’s been ejected thrice this season already. The league isn’t amused. They’ve taken into account Green’s history of unsportsmanlike acts.

A tweet from BallTalkSource sums it up: “Draymond Green clocking Nurkic and being ejected is classic Draymond! 25 GAME SUSPENSION INCOMING ”

The NBA hasn’t announced the length of the suspension. But insider Shams Charania reported that Green is expected to miss at least three more weeks of competition. Dumars, on the other hand, hinted that a set number of games might not be the best approach. He said, “we’re having something here that’s continuing to happen.”

Dumars is concerned about the root cause of Green’s behavior. He wants Green to take some time off, get help, and sort himself out. The goal is to prevent the same issues from recurring. Dumars said, “The only thing we really want to see him do is get better.”

Reports suggest that Green has already started counseling. He hasn’t been defiant about his suspension. The four-time champion is taking steps towards a healthy return. Dumars was the first to shed light on Green’s rehabilitation.

Green “may have already started counseling,” Dumars noted. He believes Green needs to learn how to deal with his emotions better. A week before his suspension, Green had told ESPN that he can control his emotions. Dumars, however, thinks Green has been receptive and hasn’t pushed back on the suspension.

“He hasn’t been defiant about this at all,” Dumars confirmed.

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