Draymond Green Accuses NBA of Bias in Jarrett Allen Groin Kick Incident

– Draymond Green was upset after not getting a foul call for a kick in the groin during the game against the Cavaliers
– NBA senior vice president of replay and referee operations Joe Borgia justified his decision by saying he’s simply protecting the players
– Cleveland beat Golden State for the first time in almost seven years with a powerful 31-point performance from Donovan Mitchell


Draymond Green expressed his frustration with the officials after a game against the Cavaliers when they decided not to call a foul on Jarrett Allen after Green received a kick in his groin. Despite this, the Cavaliers won the game 115 to 104, leaving the Golden State veteran dissatisfied. Green shared his feelings on social media, claiming the NBA is biased against him. In a postgame Instagram story, he wrote, “The Draymond Green Rule is only a rule when Draymond Green is delivering…Cool.”

This is not the first time Green has been on the receiving end of such plays. In fact, back in 2016, he kneed another player, resulting in a Flagrant 2 foul and a $25,000 fine. Despite these frustrations, Green and his team hadn’t lost any away games this season. However, they fell short in this match against the Cavaliers, with Klay Thompson stating, “We didn’t play with the force we needed to win this game. We definitely need to rebound the ball better. You can’t give this team that many second-chance points.”

The Cavaliers’ victory was a long time coming, as they hadn’t defeated the Warriors since 2016. Donovan Mitchell, who scored 31 points and led the team to victory, spoke about the importance of this win, stating, “I know this is a rivalry, so I know how much this one meant to the fans. We’re trying to ultimately get to the level they’ve been at for a long time, and we put together a full game tonight.” Both teams are now preparing for the rematch in San Francisco, with the Warriors’ coach reflecting on the significance of the rivalry and their previous championship matches against Cleveland.

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