Domantas Sabonis Unveils New Strict Pre-Season Diet Plan

‣ Domantas Sabonis underwent a significant dietary change, cutting out foods he’s sensitive to, including many carbohydrates and gluten-containing foods, to improve his physical condition for the basketball season.

‣ Despite the dietary restrictions, Sabonis managed to gain weight while significantly reducing his body fat, indicating an improvement in his physical health and performance.

‣ The Sacramento Kings‘ performance and Domantas Sabonis’s personal achievements in the season are highlighted, with Sabonis averaging near career highs in several statistical categories, demonstrating the positive impact of his dietary changes.


De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis, huh? These guys lit a fire under the Kings last season, dragging them back to the playoffs after what felt like a century of misses. This year, Sabonis is at it again, bulldozing through defenses like a hot knife through butter. But, guess what? He’s been tweaking things off the court too.

In a chinwag with Sam Amick, Sabonis spilled the beans on his off-season game plan. He took this fancy test, see? It told him which foods were his friends and which were frenemies. And, man, did he have to kiss goodbye to some beloved eats. Italian cuisine, with its siren call, had to go. Tough break, right?

He chuckled about it, though. “Everything I love, off the table,” he said. But there’s a silver lining. He’s eyeing a retest in six months, fingers crossed some favorites make a comeback. Imagine craving something and having to say no. Brutal.

Oh, and Twitter’s buzzing about his diet overhaul too. Seems like everyone’s keen to see how this strict regimen pans out for the Kings’ 2023-24 run.

So, what’s this diet about? No carbs, he says. Wheat’s out. Gluten-free pasta? Forget about it. And Sabonis loves his Italian grub. It’s not just pasta and bread getting the boot. Croissants, pastries, all those guilty pleasures? Gone. Yet, this dude’s not shedding pounds; he’s packing on muscle, less the fat. Staying steady at 248 to 250 pounds, but leaner. Quite the paradox.

Despite the grind of dialing in his diet, it’s paying dividends. Sabonis is smashing it, nearly topping his career stats across the board. We’re talking about a beast averaging 19.9 points with a shooting arm that’s on fire, not to mention his rebound and assist game.

Switching gears to the Kings’ recent face-off with the Heat. Miami was itching for a win, having hit a rough patch with a seven-game losing streak. They played host to the Kings and, well, they snapped that streak. Ended the night 115 to 106. Coach Mike Brown tipped his hat to the Heat’s desperation. Said it’s tough to snag a win in their house, especially when they’re cornered.

The Heat were on a mission, no doubt. Since mid-January, they’ve been hunting for that elusive win. Jimmy Butler and Keegan Murray? They went all out, dropping 31 and a game-high 33 points, respectively. The Kings knew what they were walking into. They’ve been in those shoes, hungry for a win. So, hats off to the Heat, they played their hearts out.

And there you have it. A rollercoaster of a season, diets, and nail-biting games. Just another day in the NBA, folks.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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