Devin Booker’s Enjoyment Shines in Phoenix’s Preseason Win against Trail Blazers

– The Phoenix Suns have made significant additions to their squad, including Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal.
– Devin Booker describes the Suns’ preseason matches as “fun” and praises the team’s defensive efforts.
– The Suns’ Big 3 (Beal, Booker, and Durant) have the capability to score at a high level and play the game the right way.
– Coach Frank Vogel acknowledges the buzz and pressure surrounding the team and credits the support of new majority owner Matt Ishbia.
– Ishbia’s energy and approach have had a positive impact on the organization.


The Phoenix Suns have had high expectations placed on their roster in recent years but have failed to contend for the NBA title, despite reaching the Finals in 2021. However, the team has made some significant trades and acquisitions for the upcoming season, adding Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal to their already formidable lineup led by Devin Booker. As the preseason matches have shown, the Suns are poised to have a “fun” year, as described by Booker himself.

Booker expressed how the team’s big men are doing an incredible job of defending the screens and forcing opponents to trail every action, making the defense’s job difficult. This has created a more enjoyable atmosphere for the team. The video in the blog showcases Booker’s impressive performance on the court, further highlighting the excitement surrounding the team.

According to Booker, the presence of sharpshooters like Durant, Beal, and himself puts pressure on opposing defenses. The team’s Big 3 collectively scored 49 points in just two quarters, showcasing their scoring capabilities. Booker believes that the team has always played the game the right way and emphasizes the need for more aggression to open up opportunities for everyone.

Coach Frank Vogel recognizes the heightened buzz and pressure surrounding the Suns, comparing it to “very few teams” he has been a part of. He acknowledges the immense support and excitement from fans in Arizona. Vogel gives credit to new majority owner Matt Ishbia for contributing more than just financial investments. He describes Ishbia’s infectious energy and consistent approach as a coach that has positively impacted the organization.

In conclusion, the Phoenix Suns have made significant trades and acquisitions to strengthen their roster for the upcoming season. Preseason matches have showcased the team’s potential, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere. Devin Booker and Coach Frank Vogel express their optimism and belief in the team’s capabilities. The support from fans and the influence of the new majority owner adds to the buzz surrounding the Suns.

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James Shotwell
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