Desmond Bane Ready to Lead Grizzlies Without Ja Morant

‣ Desmond Bane is currently the main scorer and playmaker for the Grizzlies, averaging 24.7 points, 5.4 assists and 4.7 rebounds 36 games into the 2023/24 NBA season.
‣ Despite the absence of Ja Morant due to a shoulder injury, Memphis is on a three-match winning streak, with Bane leading the team’s offense.
‣ Bane, who is known for his shooting skills, has modeled his game after Pacers legend Reggie Miller and aims to improve his performance in various areas of the game.


Desmond Bane is 36 games into the 2023/24 NBA season. He’s averaging 24.7 points, 5.4 assists, and 4.7 rebounds. He’s become the Grizzlies’ main playmaker and scorer.

The guard had to adapt to this new role, especially since Ja Morant was first suspended during the initial games of the campaign. Now, Morant is reported out due to a shoulder injury.

Bane, however, is convinced he’s up for the challenge. The 25-year-old has always been a great shooter, and this season is no exception. His usage rate has shot up to 27.6%, even though his true shooting percentage (59.8%) hasn’t changed much.

Memphis is now on a three-match winning streak. Their hopes are high despite Morant’s absence. Nevertheless, the team is still 13th in the West with a 14-23 record. Many other players have been ruled out by injury.

Desmond expressed, “We’ve just kind of been scratching and clawing this whole season, trying to fight back and get healthy. And then, obviously, the news with Ja. So it’s been a roller coaster of a season…”

Bane is one of only a few players who can actually shoot threes off dribble and movement, somewhat inspired by Stephen Curry. When asked why he believes only a select list of athletes can produce these stats, he said: “Why do I think it’s not a long list? I mean, it’s hard.”

The Grizzlies guard believes his offensive game is only improving day by day. He’s been putting up the best numbers of his career this current campaign.

“I would just say well-rounded. I feel like there’s a lot of things that I can do on the court. There are still a bunch of areas I want to get better…” the 25-year-old said about his offense.

The Indiana native revealed why Reggie Miller was his idol growing up and how he’s modeled his game. If you hear the phrase “great shooter from Indiana,” you immediately think of Reggie Miller. The same happens to Desmond Bane, who has always been compared, and even modeled his game after the Pacers legend.

Bane then shared why his family was so involved in sports. “Like, my grandma and grandpa were retired, so during the day, they’re doing stuff around the house or chilling or whatever and then after news comes on, we’re watching the games, whether it’s football, basketball. So I just kind of grew up with a love for the game,” he reminisced.

As this year’s All-Star weekend is set to happen in Indianapolis, Desmond confessed he’d love to be selected this season. “It would be like the cherry on top. I mean, obviously, making it to the NBA was a lifelong dream of mine…” he claimed.

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