Derrick Rose Considered Retirement After Knicks Didn’t Re-Sign Him

‣ Derrick Rose considered retiring after the New York Knicks decided not to re-sign him, but eventually joined the Memphis Grizzlies on a two-year contract.

‣ Despite the Knicks moving in a different direction, Rose maintains a positive relationship with coach Tom Thibodeau, highlighting the strong bond they share from their time together with the Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Knicks.

‣ Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau praised Derrick Rose’s humility and believes he deserves to be in the NBA Hall of Fame, emphasizing Rose’s significant impact and role both on and off the court throughout his career.


So, the Grizzlies were gearing up to face off against New York this Tuesday. And guess what? Derrick Rose dropped a bit of a bombshell on the press. He almost quit basketball last summer. Yeah, you heard that right. After the Knicks decided they didn’t need him anymore, he thought about hanging up his sneakers for good. He’d been with them for three seasons, playing right there in the heart of Manhattan at Madison Square Garden.

“I was kinda lost,” he said. That’s what he told the *New York Post*. He was trying to figure out whether he still had the fire in him to play. To stay or to go, that was the question.

But hey, he didn’t leave us hanging. Rose chose to stick around in the pro world, signing a two-year deal with Memphis. Yet, the Knicks’ “we’re moving on” talk really hit him hard. No shocker there, considering he was more of a bench guy last season, showing up in just 27 games.

Oh, and there’s this tweet showing Rose back at MSG. Kinda nostalgic, right?

Now, with the Knicks having star guards like Jalen Brunson and Immanuel Quickley, it’s clear why there wasn’t much room for a 35-year-old Rose. But no bad blood, he insists. He and coach Tom Thibodeau have a bond that’s pretty tight.

“I haven’t chatted with Thibs since Jalen’s wedding,” Rose shared. But things are cool between them. Thibodeau even sent Rose a fancy bottle of champagne for his wedding. So yeah, it’s all love.

Rose knows he’s not the young star who led the Chicago franchise anymore. But in Memphis? He’s getting more playtime, especially with the team facing a bunch of injuries. Halfway through the season, he’s putting up 8.6 points and dishing out 3.4 assists per game.

Retirement’s on his mind, sure. But he’s all in on being a mentor for the Grizzlies, hoping to turn things around this season and pass on some wisdom to the younger players.

And get this—Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau thinks Rose should be in the NBA Hall of Fame. They’ve got history, those two, from Chicago to Minnesota and then New York. Thibodeau’s all praise for Rose, especially for his humility and the role he’s playing in Memphis.

“It’s great to have him,” Thibodeau said before their game against Memphis. He reminisced about Rose being the youngest MVP ever, highlighting his humility and teamwork.

So, there you have it. Derrick Rose, possibly on his way to becoming a Hall of Famer, still making waves in the NBA. And with Thibodeau’s endorsement, who knows what’s next for him?

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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