DeMar DeRozan: Avoid Lakers, Target Clippers in Free Agency

The Los Angeles Lakers are eyeing DeMar DeRozan in free agency, says ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

Windhorst mentioned on his podcast that LeBron James might even take a pay cut to bring in veteran talents like DeRozan: “I think there’s more than three,” he said. “I think DeMar DeRozan is on that list as well. And there may be another one or so.”

DeRozan, who hails from Los Angeles, is also expected to attract interest from the LA Clippers. The Clippers recently lost Paul George to the Philadelphia 76ers.

DeRozan could have a larger role with Ty Lue’s team compared to the Lakers. Playing for the Lakers might limit his mid-range game due to poor floor spacing around LeBron and Anthony Davis . The Lakers have struggled with perimeter shooting for years, and adding DeRozan could worsen their spacing issues under new coach JJ Redick.

Clippers vs. Lakers: A Better Fit?

On the other hand, the Clippers don’t face these problems. At Intuit Dome, DeRozan would thrive in his natural style and serve as a secondary or tertiary scorer. After his time with the Chicago Bulls, he deserves a shot at a championship run.

Despite losing George, many believe the Clippers are better positioned for a deep playoff run next season compared to the Lakers, who have too many uncertainties including an inexperienced rookie head coach.

Fans might think it’s smarter for him to join Kawhi Leonard and Lue at this point.

If given a choice this summer, heading to the Clippers seems like a better option for DeRozan than joining the baggage-heavy Lakers. He’d still play in his hometown but without facing constant media scrutiny associated with wearing Purple and Gold.

In conclusion, while only time will tell what decision DeRozan makes for his career, teaming up with Leonard and Lue appears wise from an outsider’s perspective.

What do you think? Is joining Kawhi Leonard’s team better for him?

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