Darko Rajakovic’s Notable Speech Results in $25,000 Fine

‣ Raptors’ Head Coach Darko Rajakovic voiced his frustrations during a post-game press conference, criticizing the officials for showing bias towards the Lakers, who shot 23 free throws in the fourth quarter compared to the Raptors’ two.
‣ Rajakovic’s outburst has earned him admiration and respect, particularly from Raptors’ players and fans, reinforcing his competitive spirit.
‣ Despite the praise, Rajakovic was fined $25,000 by the league for his post-game outburst.


The Tuesday night face-off between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Toronto Raptors took an unexpected turn. Raptors’ Head Coach, Darko Rajakovic, was not pleased with how the game played out. He voiced his grievances during the mandatory post-game press conference, and his words might just make coaching history.

Let’s talk about a man you’d want to go to war for. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen the clip. It’s been circulating around the internet for the last 24 hours.

But just in case you’ve been off the grid, here’s a recap. Rajakovic was frustrated because the Lakers got 23 free throws in the fourth quarter, while the Raptors only got two. He doesn’t think this was due to a difference in physicality. He’s convinced it was a sign of bias towards the Lakers, a large market team.

Now, greatness comes at a cost. Rajakovic’s rant has earned him a lot of praise on NBA Twitter. If people doubted his competitive spirit before, they certainly don’t now. And the Raptors’ players? They’d run through a brick wall for Rajakovic.

But respect and admiration come with a price tag. For Rajakovic, that’s about 25,000 dollars. On Thursday, the league announced that he’d be fined that amount for his post-game outburst.

Ironically, Rajakovic’s legendary outburst came just days after he met with one of the greatest head coaches of all time, Phil Jackson. Maybe Jackson gave Rajakovic some sage advice that led to his iconic speech after the Lakers’ loss.

So, what’s next for Rajakovic? Will these types of post-game sound bites become a part of his style? Or was this just a one-hit wonder? Who knows. But one thing’s for sure: he’s earned my eternal respect.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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