D’Angelo Russell Set to Be First Laker to Hit 200 3-Pointers in a Season

‣ D’Angelo Russell is on track to become the first player in Los Angeles Lakers history to make 200 3-pointers in a single season, having already made 132 3-pointers through 49 games.
‣ Nick Van Excel currently holds the Lakers’ franchise record for most 3-pointers in a season with 183, a record Russell is poised to break given his current pace and performance.
‣ The Lakers are considered to have the 12th-best odds to win this season’s NBA championship according to several betting sites, with teams like the Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Timberwolves being viewed more favorably.


D’Angelo Russell is tearing it up, folks. Seriously, he’s on track to be the first player in Lakers’ history to nail 200 3-pointers in a single season. And guess what? He’s only played 49 games so far. He’s already sunk 132 of them from beyond the arc. That’s on 316 attempts, if you’re into percentages. That’s a whopping 41.8%!

Now, let’s take a little trip down memory lane. Nick Van Exel, ever heard of him? He’s the current record holder with 183 3-pointers. That was back in ’94-’95. Kobe Bryant’s right behind him with 180 in 2005-06. And Van Exel, that guy again, with 177 in ’96-’97. Chucky Atkins is also in the mix with 176 in 2004-05.

Betting sites are buzzing, y’all. They’re saying the Lakers have the 12th-best odds to win the championship this season. But, the Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Timberwolves? They’re apparently looking a bit shinier according to the sportsbooks.

Oh, and Twitter’s got something to say about Russell. “D’Angelo Russell is on pace to be the only Laker in their Franchise History to make 200 Three’s in a season!!!” That’s not all. He’s shooting over 41% from 3. Impressive, right?

Malik Monk, remember him? He ranks fifth on the Lakers’ all-time list with 173 3-pointers in the 2021-22 season. Nick Young’s not far behind with 170 in 2016-17. Then there’s Jodie Meeks and LeBron James, with 162 and 161 in 2013-14 and 2021-22, respectively.

Back to Van Exel for a sec. He made those 183 3s on 511 attempts. That’s a 35.8% success rate over 80 games in ’94-’95. Russell’s breaking records if he keeps this up. He’s averaging 2.7 3s per game on 6.4 attempts.

In a game against the Chicago Bulls on Jan. 25, Russell was on fire. He scored 29 points, shooting 10-of-18 from the field. And get this, he made a season-high eight 3-pointers on 13 attempts. That’s 61.5% accuracy.

This nine-year vet has had 23 games this season with three or more made 3-pointers. And nine games with at least five made 3s. Talk about consistency.

In a recent victory against the New Orleans Pelicans, Russell scored 30 points. He shot 9-of-19 from the floor and drained six 3-pointers on 13 attempts. That’s another night of over 46% shooting from deep.

Twitter’s buzzing again. “D’Angelo Russell just went on an absolute heater to start the 2nd quarter. Four 3-pointers in less than two minutes.” Plus, his oEPM (+2.3) is in the 90th percentile this season. The Lakers are keeping him around, especially after his recent performances.

The Lakers snapped New Orleans’ four-game winning streak. Russell had to sit out the previous game due to left knee soreness. But his play has been so good lately, the front office decided not to trade him.

With the Brooklyn Nets in 2018-19, Russell hit a career-high 234 3-pointers on 635 attempts. That season, he made 81 appearances and averaged 2.9 3s per game on 7.8 attempts.

Currently, Russell is 19th in the NBA for 3-pointers this season, with 132. That ties him with De’Aaron Fox and CJ McCollum. But there are still players ahead of him like Buddy Hield, Damian Lillard, and Michael Porter Jr., to name a few.

So, what do you think? Is Russell going to break the record and make Lakers history? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – it’s going to be exciting to watch.

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James Shotwell
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