Chris Paul’s Injuries Recover Faster Since Going Vegan, Credits Increased Energy Levels

‣ NBA player Chris Paul attributes his improved health and quicker injury recovery to his decision to go vegan.
‣ Paul first changed his diet during his campaign in Oklahoma City when he was 34 and has since become an advocate for healthier diets, investing in companies that promote them.
‣ He recently invested in Meati Foods, a company in the alternative protein sector, stating that he chooses to invest in companies whose values align with his own.


Chris Paul, the NBA player, sure made a splash. He decided to switch up his eating habits, going all vegan. It’s a big deal, especially considering he’s one of the older players still playing at the top of his game. He even reckons his injury recovery time has improved.

He recently popped up on DeAndre Jordan’s “Vino Talk” podcast. They chatted about a bunch of stuff. But the real juicy bit? When the Warriors player talked about his health improvements since he changed his diet.

Jordan’s also hopped on the vegan train, so they had plenty to talk about. “My gut health changed. My recovery has changed,” Paul shared. He feels like he bounces back faster after a game and has more energy.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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