Chris Finch Claims Towns is the Key Player for the Timberwolves

‣ Despite playing his usual minutes, Karl-Anthony Towns is averaging his fewest points and field goal attempts per game in a healthy season since his first All-Star campaign in 2017-18.
‣ Towns’s head coach, Chris Finch, praises him as the “glue guy” of the team, highlighting his willingness to sacrifice for the team and his efficiency in playing.
‣ Towns is in the final year of his current five-year deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves, and despite his great performance, his future with the team is uncertain due to financial considerations.


Well, it’s been a strange year for Karl-Anthony Towns, the All-NBA big man from Minnesota Timberwolves. Despite clocking his usual minutes, he’s been scoring less and taking fewer shots per game. This is his lowest average in a healthy season since his first All-Star run in 2017-18. Weird, huh?

But, Chris Finch, his coach, is still rooting for him.

Towns, according to Finch, is the “Glue Guy”. The coach was all praise for his ninth-year big man on FanDuel TV’s show “Run It Back”. Finch said, “[Karl-Anthony Towns] in many ways, he’s kind of been the glue to all of this.” That’s some high praise, right?

In Finch’s words, Towns is the glue because he’s willing to make sacrifices. Whether it’s about spacing, touches, or even taking on defensive assignments he’s not used to. He’s embracing it all and learning.

And he’s patient. When he gets his chances, he’s aggressive. He’s an efficient player, so even with fewer shots, he can do a lot of damage. Last year, Finch felt he was too deferential at times, trying to make things work with Rudy Gobert. He lost his chemistry with Anthony Edwards when he was out for 50 games.

But they figured it would come back naturally. They told him not to worry so much about Gobert, to be more aggressive for himself. And the Gobert plays would happen in the flow of the offense. They told him to trust his skill. And now, he’s playing at a 50/40/90 clip. It’s incredible, and it’s all thanks to his patience, poise, and willingness to let the game happen for him.

But there’s a situation looming over Towns.

Finch’s comments are spot on. Towns has been hyper-efficient in his condensed offensive role, averaging 63.3% true shooting (that’s in the 84th percentile in scoring efficiency league-wide). He’s also having the best defensive season of his career. His 0.9 Defensive Estimated Plus-Minus (DEF EPM) is a career high.

But, Minnesota and Towns are in a peculiar situation. Towns is in the final year of his current five-year deal. And while he’s been great in his role, he’s expensive. The Timberwolves already have a lot of money on their books. Plus, they have Naz Reid – a player who can mimic Towns’ current role pretty well – already on their roster.

So, the Timberwolves have an interesting problem on their hands. But it’s a good problem to have. In any case, it’s good to see that Towns is thriving in his “glue guy” role.

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