Chauncey Billups: Portland Trail Blazers Coach – Contract, Salary, Net Worth, Coaching Record, Wife

‣ Chauncey Billups, former lead player for the Detroit Pistons, is currently in his third season as a head coach with the Portland Trail Blazers.
‣ Billups’ contract with the Blazers is a 5-year, 10-million dollar deal, meaning he earns about two million dollars annually.
‣ Billups’ net worth is estimated to be around 45 million dollars, most of which was earned during his time as an NBA player.


Remember Chauncey Billups? The guy who was the main man on the court for the Detroit Pistons in the mid-2000s? Yeah, that’s him. He was the one who snagged the Finals MVP in 2004 when the Pistons clinched the championship.

Fast forward to today, and he’s swapped his sneakers for a whistle. Billups is now coaching, currently in his third season with the Portland Trail Blazers.

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. How much does this player-turned-coach earn? We’re going to delve into Billups’ contract, his net worth, his coaching record, and more.

So, about Billups’ contract and salary. He’s in the third year of a five-year deal with the Blazers (the final year is a team option). According to Salary Swish’s database, Billups’ contract is a 5-year, 10-million dollar deal. That means he’s pocketing about two million dollars annually.

Now, that might seem a bit low. Especially when you compare it to other first-time head coaches. Take Adrian Griffin, for example. He’s raking in four million dollars annually with the Milwaukee Bucks.

But let’s not forget about Billups’ playing career earnings. He had a pretty successful run, playing in the playoffs for nearly two decades with seven different NBA teams. And with multiple All-NBA guard titles and a Finals MVP under his belt, he made a pretty penny during that time.

According to HoopsHype, Billups raked in about 106.2 million dollars during his playing days. Adjusted for inflation, that’s equivalent to 159.2 million dollars today.

So, what’s Billups’ net worth? The website Celebrity Net Worth estimates it to be around 45 million dollars. Considering he’s only been a coach for four years (three with Portland and one with the Los Angeles Clippers), it’s safe to say most of that wealth came from his NBA playing days.

Now, let’s talk about his head coaching record. In 181 regular season games, Billups has a record of 65-116. That’s a win percentage of 35.9%. Not exactly Hall of Fame material. As it stands, Billups is 189th all-time in regular season wins and 235th all-time in win percentage. And he’s yet to coach a playoff game.

On a more personal note, Billups is married to Piper Billups. They’ve been together since 2001, having met in high school. Together, they have three daughters: Cydney, Ciara, and Cenaiya.

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