Charles Barkley on NBA Players and Load Management: Keep Quiet and Just Play

‣ Charles Barkley criticizes NBA players for load management
‣ Barkley urges players making millions to play basketball
‣ Barkley questions NBA commissioner Adam Silver about domestic violence incidents involving players


Charles Barkley, the renowned basketball journalist, is making headlines once again with his strong opinions on load management in the NBA. Barkley is not a fan of players sitting out games, even when they are healthy, in order to rest their bodies. He believes that athletes should be competing and honoring their contracts.

During a recent appearance on TNT’s Inside the NBA, Barkley had a clear message for basketball players: “If you’re going to make $50 or 60 million a year to play basketball three or four days a week, play basketball, man.” He believes that players who are making such exorbitant amounts of money should not complain and should instead focus on playing the game.

Barkley’s frustrations are shared by many NBA fans who are disappointed when they pay high prices for tickets only to find their favorite players sitting out. However, Barkley does acknowledge that if a player is genuinely injured, they should not play. But he believes that many players claim to be hurt after just a few weeks of the season when they could still compete.

The issue of load management has been a hot topic in the NBA, and this summer the league implemented new guidelines to address it. The policy restricts teams from resting two All-Star or All-NBA players during nationally televised games. This shows that the league recognizes the frustrations of fans and aims to prevent key players from being absent during high-profile matchups.

Barkley also took the opportunity during his appearance to press NBA commissioner Adam Silver on the league’s handling of off-court incidents involving players, particularly domestic violence cases. Silver assured Barkley and viewers that the league is actively addressing these issues and has implemented programs to deal with accusations of domestic violence. He emphasized the importance of counseling and training for players to ensure they never resort to violence in high-stress situations.

While the NBA is making efforts to address these concerns, there have been recent incidents involving players such as Kevin Porter Jr. and Miles Bridges. However, Silver emphasized that if a player does cross the line, the consequences will be significant.

Overall, Barkley’s outspoken views on load management and his pressing of the commissioner on domestic violence incidents highlight the ongoing challenges and discussions surrounding these issues in the NBA.

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