Cavaliers Reportedly Doubt Ricky Rubio’s Return to Play

‣ Ricky Rubio, who announced a break from professional basketball in August to manage his mental health, has yet to return to the Cavaliers this season, leading to speculations that he may never play again.
‣ The Cavaliers are considering a potential “parting of ways” with Rubio, as they are dealing with many injuries and need more depth in their backcourt.
‣ Despite rumors of Rubio returning to Barcelona to end his career, he has expressed that he still needs to figure out his contract situation with the Cavaliers.


Ricky Rubio, the professional basketball player, made an announcement in August. He said he’d be stepping away from the game for a bit. His mental health needed attention, and he needed time off. But the basketball season kicked off two months ago, and Ricky’s been a no-show with the Cavaliers. NBA insiders Joe Vardon and Shams Charania have been dropping hints. They’ve got “serious doubts” about Ricky ever returning to the court.

Ricky’s been on a “permitted leave” in Spain, away from the team. He’s been dealing with his mental health issues since the summer. The reporters confirmed that he’s not expected to return to Cleveland this campaign.

The Cavs are in a tight spot. They’re dealing with injuries, and their roster is looking thin. They need more depth in their backcourt. The latest reports suggest that the team’s administration is considering a “parting of ways” with Ricky.

Ricky first joined the Cavaliers, an Ohio franchise, through a trade in 2021. He’s been moved four times in as many years. In July 2022, he returned to Cleveland with a three-year, $18.4 million deal. But he never played. He was traded to Indiana and then fell to injury.

Ricky’s current campaign earns him $6.1 million. His contract for next season guarantees him $42.25. The Cavs and Ricky’s representatives could negotiate a buyout of a substantial portion of the contract. They could also waive him and ‘stretch’ the payments of his remaining salary over a longer period. Or, they could include his contract in a trade.

The Cavs’ front office wants to do right by Ricky. They still see him as a major piece of the team’s resurgence during the 2021-22 campaign. The Cavs had gone from the worst team in the NBA over the previous three years to a Play-In team.

Ricky was the fifth overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. He spent his first six years with the Timberwolves. By 2017, he was sent for two seasons to the Utah Jazz and another in Phoenix. He returned to Minnesota in 2020.

Ricky’s been dealing with an “ongoing family issue.” He’s not believed to be engaging in basketball activities to stay sharp.

In August, Ricky first announced his mental health issues. He bailed out of the FIBA World Cup. He was expected to represent Spain in the FIBA World Cup. But Ricky released a statement with Spain’s basketball federation. He said he wouldn’t participate in the international tournament. He needed time off to treat his mental health.

Ricky expressed gratitude to the Spanish Federation (FEB) for their support. He asked for privacy to face these moments. He promised to share more information when the time is right.

There were rumors of Ricky returning to Barcelona to end his career. But the veteran guard said he still needed to figure out his contract situation with the Cavaliers. He said, “I’m beginning to consider my return. Going home. To Barcelona. Close to home. I have two years left on my contract. Maybe one. We’ll see.”

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