Carmelo Anthony on Ring Culture

– Carmelo Anthony acknowledges that the “ring culture” in the NBA has shifted and believes that players should still receive credit for their accomplishments even if they haven’t won a championship.
– His impressive 19-season career included 10 All-Star selections, six All-NBA teams, and a scoring title in the 2012/13 season, as well as three Olympic gold medals with the United States.
– Despite not winning an NBA title, Anthony’s legacy will live on through his son Kyle’s dreams of playing basketball.


Carmelo Anthony shared his honest feelings about not having won an NBA title in a recent interview with Complex. Despite not earning a championship ring, the 39-year-old player believes that the focus of the game has shifted from being solely about ring culture to also embracing the financial aspects. He pointed out, “I think now it’s the money. It’s the bag, It’s let me go get 200 (million) and rightfully so. But the focus is not just rings no more.” Anthony had a remarkable career, achieving 10 All-Star selections, six All-NBA teams, and the 2012/13 scoring title. He also won three Olympic gold medals with the United States. In light of his impressive accomplishments, he questions whether not winning a ring should dismiss the credit that he and other players who also lack championship wins deserve. He plans to carry on his legacy through his son Kyle, encouraging him to pursue his dreams just as Anthony did throughout his career.

Anthony, who played for several teams including the Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Lakers, believes that “ring culture” has lost the focus on player accomplishment by creating an emphasis on financial gains rather than just championship titles. He has become a role model for other players who have also not won an NBA championship, questioning whether they should be dismissed despite their successful careers. He remains unperturbed about not having won a title, expressing that the game and its values have evolved.

Carmelo Anthony might have not achieved a championship ring in his 19-year career, but his legacy will live on through his son Kyle’s dreams. Anthony shared his retirement announcement via a heartfelt video acknowledging that his legacy extends beyond basketball. He encouraged his son to pave his own path and achieve his dreams. Anthony will forever be proud of all that his son does to carry on his torch as a former NBA great. Even without a championship ring, Anthony’s career and legacy have solidified his status as an all-time great.

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