Bulls Struggle to Trade Zach LaVine This Summer

Zach LaVine’s time with the Chicago Bulls is nearly over.

The team has been trying to trade him since before the February 8 deadline. They thought including Alex Caruso in a deal would help, but then they traded Caruso to Oklahoma City for Josh Giddey.

Now, it’s going to be tough for the Bulls to find a team willing to take on LaVine’s $215 million contract, which lasts three more years with a player option in the final year.

“League sources say Philadelphia continues to have little interest in LaVine and I have likewise been advised to dismiss Utah’s reported interest,” NBA insider Marc Stein reported on Saturday. “The Bulls, remember, had trouble generating a market for LaVine when they could have attached Caruso to trade constructions. That option, obviously, no longer exists.”

LaVine has had foot problems this season and only played 25 games. His injuries and high salary make teams hesitant .

Trade Challenges:

LaVine could be great as a second or third star on a strong team. But he’s being paid like one of the top players in the league, which is causing issues for Chicago. Somewhere out there might be an NBA front office that thinks it can make LaVine shine again and use his contract as future trade bait if he performs well.

Fans might think this is just another chapter in Chicago’s struggles.

However, the Bulls need to realize that any return from trading LaVine won’t meet their high hopes. They probably won’t get young stars or lots of draft picks; instead, they might have to accept bad contracts and mid-level picks just to move him.

Chicago seems headed towards rebuilding mode. Getting rid of LaVine’s huge contract would give them more flexibility for future moves. Sadly for them, finding someone willing to take on that deal might not happen until closer to the 2025 deadline or even next summer.

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James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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