Bronny James to Spend Rookie Season in G League

Bronny James just inked a four-year, $7.9 million deal with the Lakers on the same day his dad extended his contract.

Expectations for Bronny’s Rookie Season:

Despite the excitement of LeBron and Bronny playing together next season, Adrian Wojnarowski advises fans to manage their expectations. The 19-year-old is not expected to be a regular rotation player for the Lakers. Instead, he will likely spend most of his rookie year in the G League.

Wojnarowski mentioned on Sportscenter that like many other 19-year-olds drafted in the second round, Bronny will primarily play in the G League. He added, “What you’ll ultimately probably see is Bronny James in the first week of the season on the court with his father… but there’s no expectation Bronny is going to be in the Lakers’ rotation.”

The South Bay Lakers, where Bronny will play, share training facilities with their NBA counterparts. This setup allows for some unique opportunities but doesn’t change initial plans for him to start in the G League.

Coach’s Perspective:

JJ Redick shared high hopes for Bronny’s future development: “We view Bronny as [a] Case Study One because [of] his base level of feel, athleticism… there’s a lot to like about his game.” The coach emphasized that Bronny earned this opportunity through hard work and not because of his famous father.

Fans think it’s really cool how much support he’s getting from everyone around him.

Redick reiterated that both he and Rob Pelinka did not give any favors to Bronny: “Bronny has earned this through hard work.”

Bronny’s Response to Pressure:

Bronny addressed claims about undeserved opportunities by stating he can handle all extra pressure linked with being LeBron’s son. He clarified that playing professionally alongside his dad wasn’t a primary reason for entering this year’s draft after one season at USC.

“I just want to come in and get my work in and get better every day,” said Bronny. “I never really had a thought of me going to play with my dad… it wasn’t a main focus of mine.”

LeBron has set numerous records but never imagined making history by playing alongside his eldest son. They are both ready to face any challenges coming their way while sharing an NBA court together .

“It’s more amplified for sure,” admitted Bronny about dealing with increased scrutiny due to social media buzz questioning if he deserves this chance. “But I can get through it.”

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