Bronny James Limited Opportunity at USC

New Lakers guard Bronny James is about to start his NBA journey with lots of eyes on him. He’s not just LeBron’s son; he’s a player with real potential.

Last season, Bronny averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game at USC. This was after he took five months off due to a heart issue. At his first Lakers press conference, Bronny mentioned how the break affected his growth as a player and felt he didn’t get to show his true abilities during his time with the Trojans.

“I feel like I could’ve been perfecting my game more,” said Bronny. “I feel like I’ve been given the opportunity to showcase what I can really do because I wasn’t given that much of an opportunity at SC. I’m excited for what is to come.”

In July 2023, Bronny had a scary moment when he went into cardiac arrest during a workout at USC because of a congenital heart defect. Thankfully, he’s now fully cleared to play again.

Bronny’s Future with the Lakers:

Fans are probably wondering how Bronny will perform in early games like the NBA Summer League and preseason under new head coach JJ Redick.

The long layoff before his freshman season might have slowed him down, but the Lakers are known for focusing on player development. Everyone will be watching closely to see if Bronny can shine now that he’s got this big chance.

What do you think? Will Bronny live up to the hype?

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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