Brad Stevens Sees Sustainability as Key to Dynasty

Brad Stevens has built a strong Boston Celtics team since joining the front office.

On Wednesday, he made his first first-round draft pick for the Celtics. He chose Baylor Scheierman with the 30th pick and Anton Watson with the 54th pick on Thursday.

Both players spent five years in college, showing Stevens prefers experienced players over high-risk picks.

Stevens talked about his focus on sustainability during a news conference.

> “One of my main objectives is to not have this be anything but sustainable — keep finding a way to be sustainable, keep finding a way to sustainably put yourself in the mix for years and years and years,” Stevens said. “It doesn’t mean we’re not going to have a down year, or rough year. …But it’s just not big dips. That’s what we would like. It’s hard to do.”

Building for the Future:

Drafting NBA-ready talent helps the Celtics stay competitive long-term. With one of the strongest rosters already, they are favorites for another title next season. Players like Scheierman and Watson give coach Joe Mazzulla reliable options when needed.

Adding rookies late in the draft also helps manage costs. The Celtics face penalties due to their high-cost roster, so finding low-cost contributors who can improve is crucial.

Fans might think this strategy shows how smart Stevens is at planning ahead.

Stevens has quickly turned Boston into a powerhouse team. If he continues this path, he could lead them into an era of dominance—a true dynasty in the making!

What do you think about these new picks?

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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