Brad Stevens Predicts Minor Roster Changes for Next Season

Brad Stevens has been aiming for Boston’s 18th NBA title since he arrived in 2013, and now that he’s achieved it, things have been hectic.

Focus on the Next Season:

Despite the recent championship win, Brad Stevens is already shifting his attention to the next season. He knows player contracts and the NBA Draft are coming up soon. He’s received a lot of praise but tries not to let it affect him too much. “The adulation doesn’t mean much in all sincerity. And the scrutiny doesn’t mean much either,” he said.

Stevens believes it’s important to stay grounded. “If you hang a banner everybody is going to talk about how great you are. And if you don’t, they’re going to talk about how much you stink.”

Team Dynamics and Future Plans:

During a Tuesday conference, Stevens shared his thoughts on keeping the team strong by appreciating those around him and always striving for a good season.

The Celtics’ core players like Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Derrick White, Jrue Holiday, Al Horford, and Kristaps Porzingis are under contract for next year. This stability makes them well-positioned to defend their title.

Stevens plans to extend contracts with White and Tatum this offseason as part of maintaining team consistency. “I think there’s a lot of moving parts to keeping this roster sustainable beyond this year,” he said.

We fans believe continuity is key!

Stevens also mentioned that new draft picks might find it tough to break into the rotation due to the team’s depth when everyone is healthy.

Looking Ahead with Caution:

Even though many think Boston could win back-to-back championships next season due to their stable roster and no budget constraints, Stevens remains cautious about labeling them favorites. “I don’t know what the league’s going to look like in three weeks,” he said.

He emphasized that other teams would target them more aggressively now that they’ve won: “Human nature is going to be another huge opponent.”

Stevens believes in evaluating ways to improve but also values character and consistency within his team: “We’ll always evaluate how to make our team better… I’m not anticipating major changes because I think this team deserves that.”

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