Ben Simmons Cleared to Play for Nets After Back Injury Since Nov 6

  • Brooklyn Nets guard Ben Simmons is available to play for the first time since November after receiving an epidural shot for a nerve impingement in his lower back.
  • ‣ Simmons has missed the last 38 games and has only made six appearances this season, with the Nets holding 24th-ranked odds to win this season’s championship according to NBA betting sites.
  • ‣ Despite his limited playtime this season, Simmons has averaged a career-low 6.5 points, a career-high 10.8 rebounds, 6.7 assists, and 31.8 minutes per game, and is the highest-paid Nets player with a base salary consuming almost 23% of Brooklyn’s salary cap.


Ben Simmons, that Brooklyn Nets guard with the tricky back, is finally hitting the court again. It’s been since November, folks. Remember December? That’s when he got an epidural for his lower back nerve mess-up.

The Nets had him down as ‘probably’ for Sunday. Then, bam, Monday comes, and he’s all set to go after joining the morning shootaround. Dude’s missed 38 games. Only been out there six times this season.

So, NBA betting sites? They’re not exactly betting the farm on the Nets for the championship. We’re talking 24th-ranked odds here. Even the Hawks, Pacers, and Raptors are getting better looks.

Oh, and there’s a tweet about tonight’s game against Utah. It’s happening, folks.

Simmons, who’s 27, is stepping back on since that Nov. 6 game. That’s when he got sidelined at the Barclays Center against the Bucks. Two points, four assists, and a whopping 15 rebounds that day. Not too shabby, eh?

Initially, everyone thought it was his hip. Nope. Mid-November, the word was a nerve impingement in his lower back. Surprise, surprise.

Here’s the headline grabber: Ben Simmons is cleared for Monday night’s showdown with the Utah Jazz. Last March, they found a herniated disk in his back. Plus, inflammation last season. This guy and back issues, I tell ya.

Saturday saw him practicing with the Long Island Nets. That’s the G League squad, in case you’re not up on your minor league affiliations. Coach Jacque Vaughn’s feeling pretty good about Monday. Simmons hasn’t hit 60 games in a season since his 76ers days back in ’18-’19.

Another tweet popped up. 46 of 82. Make of that what you will.

So, yeah, Simmons was ‘probable’ on Sunday, then ‘available’ Monday after shootaround. This season? Averages are a bit off his usual – 6.5 points but hey, career-high 10.8 rebounds, plus 6.7 assists, over 31.8 minutes each game. And his shooting? 52.8% from the floor.

And get this – Simmons is the Nets’ top earner. Pulling in $37.89 million this season, which is almost 23% of the team’s salary cap. Next season? It jumps to $40.33 million. Talk about a heavy hitter.

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