Aussie Icon Andrew Bogut Discusses Josh Giddey’s Tough Life Lesson Amid Police Investigation

‣ Australian basketball player Josh Giddey is under police investigation following allegations of an intimate relationship with an underage girl. The NBA is also investigating the matter.
‣ Giddey has continued to play for his team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, during the investigation. Both Giddey and his coach have refrained from commenting on the situation.
‣ Australian basketball legend Andrew Bogut has commented on the situation, suggesting that regardless of the outcome, Giddey has learned a valuable lesson. He also advised Giddey to be more cautious with his social media activities.


Josh Giddey, the Australian basketball player, is currently in hot water. He’s the focus of a police investigation sparked by social media allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

The Newport Beach police department in California is on the case. TMZ reports that law enforcement is looking into the validity of the claims and whether any laws have been broken.

The NBA has also taken note of the serious allegations. Meanwhile, Giddey, a star player for the Thunder, continues to play as the investigation unfolds. The girl who posted photos of them apparently in bed together is reportedly still a teenager. The age of consent, it’s worth noting, is 18.

When asked about the situation, Giddey was tight-lipped. He told reporters, “I understand the question obviously, but no further comment right now.” His coach, Mark Daigneault, was similarly reticent, stating it was a “personal matter.”

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN has also weighed in. He called out his fans, labeling them ‘idiots’ for pressuring him to comment on Giddey’s situation. Smith explained that he couldn’t say much due to the ongoing investigation and the risk of legal repercussions.

Giddey, who was the sixth overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft by Oklahoma City, has been averaging 12.1 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 4.8 assists per match this season. Not too shabby.

Australian basketball legend Andrew Bogut has also chimed in. Regardless of the outcome, he believes Giddey has learned a “valuable lesson” from these allegations. He described it as a “s****y situation for everyone involved.”

Bogut is convinced that Giddey should “tighten his circle” to continue building his NBA career. He said, “It’s a valuable lesson for Josh. He’s got to calm down on those social activities that he does outside of basketball.”

Bogut also touched on Giddey’s use of social media. He warned that any young star should be cautious. He said, “We have trial by media over the last 30 years and now trial by social media is probably a hundred times worse.”

In conclusion, it’s a messy situation. Bogut hopes Giddey learns a hard life lesson from this, regardless of the outcome. He said, “This is the thing, regardless of what comes out in the next week or two … all these memes and all this s*** now, that’s going to be there forever. It’s hard to take it back on social media.”

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