Anthony Davis Increases Offseason Training as a Laker: Reports

‣ Anthony Davis has shown great leadership and work ethic this offseason, impressing both the GM and coach of the Lakers.
‣ AD has transformed himself into one of the most versatile centers in the game, according to coach Ham.
‣ LeBron James has been preparing for his 21st NBA season and his dedication has inspired the entire roster to work harder.
‣ The team recognizes the need to lighten LeBron’s workload in order to preserve his energy for the playoffs.


In a recent press conference, Lakers GM Rob Pelinka and coach Darvin Ham provided insights into the team’s offseason preparations as they gear up for training camp. Both Pelinka and Ham praised the dedication and hard work of stars Anthony Davis and LeBron James, emphasizing their impact on the rest of the team.

According to Pelinka, Anthony Davis has taken his role as a leader seriously this summer, committing to becoming the hardest worker on the team. Davis’ commitment to training and leadership has impressed Pelinka, who believes that Davis will elevate his game even further this season. Coach Ham echoed these sentiments, noting Davis’ transformation into one of the most versatile centers in the league.

LeBron James’ preparation for his 21st NBA season has also been a source of inspiration for the Lakers roster. Pelinka highlighted how James’ dedication and sacrifice have motivated the entire team. With outstanding stats from last season, including 28.9 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 6.8 assists, the Lakers recognize the need to share the workload and support James to ensure he enters the playoffs with full energy.

Coach Ham emphasized the importance of building a well-balanced roster and managing both James and Davis efficiently. With a highly skilled and younger team, the Lakers aim to surround their star players with eager contributors who can impact winning. Coach Ham acknowledged James’ commitment to self-care and believes the team is well-positioned for success.

The Lakers’ press conference shed light on the dedication and preparation of Anthony Davis and LeBron James, as well as their influence on the team. With a focus on leadership, training, and a well-balanced roster, the Lakers are poised for an exciting season ahead.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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