Allen Iverson Honored with Sculpture on 76ers Legends Walk in Philadelphia

‣ Friday, April 12 will be a special day for Sixers fans and Allen Iverson, as the Philadelphia club will host a sculpture unveiling honoring the Hall of Famer at the training complex, coinciding with the anniversary of his No. 3 jersey retirement by the team.

‣ Allen Iverson, a member of the 75th Anniversary Team and one of the greatest 76ers, will have his statue join other legends on the 76ers Legends Walk, as a tribute to his iconic NBA career and contributions to the team.

‣ Allen Iverson expresses a desire to rejoin the Philadelphia organization in a formal role, aiming to contribute beyond his playing career, despite not considering coaching, he wishes to offer advice and support to current players in any capacity needed.


Oh, mark your calendars! Friday, April 12, is shaping up to be a monumental day. Not just for Sixers fans, but for Allen Iverson himself. The Philadelphia club is rolling out the red carpet with a sculpture unveiling at their training complex. And guess what? It’s to honor Iverson, right on the anniversary of his No. 3 jersey retirement. Talk about timing!

Iverson’s career? Stellar from the get-go. Rookie of the Year in ’97, and then? A whopping 12 seasons with the 76ers. All because they saw something special in him, picking him first in the ’96 NBA Draft.

The man’s a machine. An 11-time All-Star, with seven All-NBA team selections. Not to mention, he topped the scoring charts four times and led in steals thrice. There’s this video floating around, showcasing his Philly jersey highlights. Worth a watch, for sure.

Fast forward to 2010, and Iverson’s back with the Sixers for one last hoorah. Josh Harris, the club owner, couldn’t be prouder. “Allen Iverson is one of the greatest 76ers to ever live,” he said. And now, a sculpture on Legends Walk? It’s a big deal, joining the ranks of legends like Wilt Chamberlain and Julius Erving.

Chad Fisher, the sculptor, is over the moon. Bringing history to life for such a storied franchise? It’s an honor. Especially for a game-changer like Iverson. Philadelphians, get ready to worship a new MVP sculpture.

But wait, there’s more. Iverson’s itching to get back into the Philly scene. It’s been ages since he played, but his heart’s still with the 76ers. He’s got ideas, big ones, about his role with the team. “My role there is nowhere near what I think it’s supposed to be,” he confessed last December. Philly’s his home, and he’s got more to give.

Despite hanging up his playing boots, Iverson’s not considering coaching. Nope, he’s eyeing a behind-the-scenes gig. Offering advice, being a sounding board for players, you name it. “Anything that Allen Iverson can do, that’s what I want to do,” he said. A basketball savant, ready to serve.

So, there you have it. April 12, a date with destiny for Iverson and the Sixers. A day to celebrate a legend and maybe, just maybe, the beginning of a new chapter for Iverson with the team. Stay tuned, folks.

James Shotwell
James Shotwell
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