Alex Caruso Believes Bulls Have Potential for Playoffs as They Lock In

‣ The Chicago Bulls are showing promise after a slow start to the 2023/24 NBA season, with star guard Alex Caruso believing they will make it to the playoffs.
‣ One of the Bulls’ significant wins was against the Philadelphia 76ers, demonstrating their potential to compete with top-tier teams.
‣ Rumors are circulating about Zach LaVine potentially being traded to the Lakers, although his representatives deny having a specific destination in mind.


The Bulls are showing signs of a turnaround. After a rough start to the 2023/24 NBA season, they’ve been playing some impressive ball. Despite being 11th in the Eastern Conference (13-17), they’ve notched eight victories in their last eleven games. Star guard Alex Caruso is confident about their playoff prospects.

On Monday night, they chalked up a significant win against the Philadelphia 76ers, one of the league’s top teams. They managed to stop Joel Embiid, the reigning MVP, from scoring the game-tying bucket. Embiid, however, still scored a whopping 40 points.

Caruso was questioned about the Bulls’ playoff chances this week. He was asked if they were destined to fail like in the last tournament. The 29-year-old believes they have the talent to make it. “Yeah, for sure. I think we have enough talent clearly,” he stated.

Caruso’s confidence in the Bulls’ playoff chances is unwavering. He believes they can compete with any team when they’re at their best. He said, “We can play with anybody when we play our best. It’s just about doing it.”

The guard pointed out their recent victories as proof. “I mean, we just won at Philly. We won at Miami, went 2-1 on this road trip. We were up two buckets with three minutes to go in Miami in the second game. That team was in the Finals last year, and this is a team that’s trying to win the Finals this year—two of the best teams,” he added.

If Coby White and Nikola Vucevic continue their offensive onslaught, and Caruso and Ayo Dosunmu handle the defense, the Bulls might have a shot. “We’re finally locking in on the things we’ve talked about all year that we want to do, and we’re competing at a high level,” said the Bulls point guard. “As crazy as it sounds, we could be 9-0 because we had a couple late games that we lost that we could’ve won.”

Meanwhile, rumors are swirling about Zach LaVine being traded to the Lakers. His name has been in the Los Angeles air ever since he hit the trade block. The Lakers seem to have the upper hand, with a direct link through their representatives at Klutch Sports. “LaVine and his representation obviously want (the Lakers) because of the Klutch Sports connection,” reported Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times.

However, LeBron’s agent Rich Paul insists these are only rumors. No decision has been made about where LaVine could end up. “It’s not one team,” he told the press. “I don’t have a specific destination for Zach. I want what’s best for Zach and his family. When you have a guy playing the game, you want him to be able to play the game happy, whether that’s in Chicago or somewhere else.”

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