Adrian Griffin: Milwaukee Bucks Head Coach- Contract, Salary, Net Worth, Coaching Record, & Wife

– Adrian Griffin had a challenging route to the NBA, spending time in minor leagues and overseas before making his debut.
– Griffin’s current coaching contract pays him roughly four million dollars annually.
– Griffin’s net worth is around five million dollars, and he has been married twice and has four children.


Adrian Griffin had a challenging journey to the NBA, spending years in the minor leagues and overseas before making his debut with the Boston Celtics in 1999. Over the course of nine years, Griffin played for five different teams, including the Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks, before transitioning to coaching. After 15 years as an assistant coach, he landed his first head coaching job with the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Bucks signed Griffin to a multi-year contract worth approximately four million dollars annually, a figure that reflects the salaries of more established coaches in the league. Griffin’s net worth is estimated to be around five million dollars, stemming from his earnings as a player and his current coaching salary.

In his first season as head coach, Griffin has a record of 7-4, with a win percentage of 63.6%. His wife, Kathy S Griffin, who he married in 2016, has been by his side as he navigates through his coaching career. The couple does not have children together, but Griffin has four children with his first wife, one of whom is currently playing for the Atlanta Hawks, and his daughter is a player for the UConn Huskies. It seems that the Griffin family has basketball in their blood, with multiple family members pursuing careers in the sport.

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